5 benefits of having a structured cabling system

benefits of having a structured cabling system

5 benefits of having a structured cabling system: Companies with a large number of networks, computers and devices need to be able to organize themselves to allow all connections to be made in the best way. In this sense, what is called a structured cabling system was created, a system that seeks to create a cabling infrastructure that keeps all devices connected to a central, facilitating data exchange and changes in the network? As we already explained in the text  What is structured cabling and what are its advantages? , this system is opposed to the so-called point to point, in addition to having basic advantages for the good operation of the company.

However, the benefits of structured cabling are varied. It is easier to manage and more aesthetically pleasing, it also allows for more flexibility. Understand these attributes better in the list that we have prepared below.

Benefits of structured cabling


Ease of management

Once you have a structured cabling system, you will no longer rely on a large team to keep your data centre cabling under control. This is because this system can be administered and managed by a much smaller number of professionals. When changes need to be made to the system, they can be done faster and more efficiently as the entire system is centralized.


Higher ROI (Return on Investment) for the company 

Another benefit of the structured cabling system is the unification it promotes of the data, voice and videos of your IT network. This unified structure reduces the need for upgrades and lowers maintenance costs. Not only that, any move, addition or change can be done with ease, saving the company time and money.


Your entire IT structure will be better prepared for expansion

Structured cabling comes with higher bandwidth. This means that this system will have the ability to support future applications that the company may need to install, without causing major disruptions to the current system, even when upgrades are bold, such as multimedia or video conferencing. Because of this, the company can rest assured, knowing that its system will not be outdated in a short time.


There will be greater flexibility throughout your system 

Systems with multiple cabling can be a major concern. A structured cabling system, however, consolidates an infrastructure in which all cables are connected to the main point, which transfers data in multiple formats. This flexibility also makes it easy to dismantle the system and move it to a new location if necessary.


Structured cabling systems are more aesthetically pleasing

Make no mistake, aesthetics matter too. Therefore, the last great benefit of structured cabling that we have highlighted is its ability to create a cleaner environment than a  point to point system. A large amount of cables becomes a problem for management and ends up compromising the entire environment, which has a direct impact on the look of your company, and consequently, on all the professionals who have to work in this environment.

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