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Advantages and disadvantages of an IP camera and a CCTV camera

Advantages and disadvantages of an IP camera

Advantages and disadvantages of an IP camera and a CCTV camera

 We will focus on explaining some of the advantages and disadvantages of IP cameras and CCTV cameras.

We assume that any type of camera has the advantage of acting as a deterrent, frightening away possible thieves when it comes to stealing from our property since no thief wants to be recorded. We are going to know the advantages and disadvantages of IP cameras and CCTV:

Advantages of an IP camera

IP cameras offer us security and peace of mind for little money, it is the best option if we do not have a large budget and do not have any special needs or requirements to cover. They are cameras that connect through the Internet, allowing access to the cameras from any place and time.

  • IP cameras are cheaper than CCTV
  • They offer more options and qualities for a lower price.
  • Installation and maintenance are simpler and cheaper, it does not require work.
  • They connect via the Internet, allowing cameras to be viewed and controlled anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy integration with other connected systems.
  • Flexibility in the location, since they do not need cables, they can be easily installed wherever you want.

Disadvantages of an IP camera

  • Its effectiveness depends on the Internet service. If the network fails, we can find them with interference and coverage problems.
  • They are vulnerable to sabotage, and a frequency inhibitor would suffice to disable the signal, if the Internet signal is lost they are unusable.
  • Being connected to the Internet, they can be hacked, like any connected device.

There is no need to be alarmed because these disadvantages can be remedied by adopting adequate security measures, adapted to our level of threat.

Advantages of a CCTV camera

CCTV cameras are those that are connected to closed-circuit television. The images received by the cameras are recorded and sent by cable to the monitors, where we can monitor the images. Their main advantage is the professional security they provide.

  • These types of cameras offer more image reliability since they are connected directly to the monitor and do not depend on any external network.
  • The CCTV signal cannot be inhibited, unlike the Internet signal.
  • Maximum security against sabotage, the CCTV system cable is protected so that if someone tries to tamper with it or sabotage it, the alarm will go off.

Disadvantages of a CCTV camera

  • The installation of a CCTV system is more complicated because it is necessary to carry out work.
  • CCTV is more expensive than an IP camera.

Not having a good installation can make our CCTV system vulnerable to sabotage. Not working with a professional security company can turn the best system into a useless system.


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