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5 Benefits of having security cameras at home

Benefits of having security cameras at home

5 Benefits of having security cameras at home

Security and peace of mind are a priority, which is why more and more families are choosing to have security cameras in their homes. Today, having these new technologies to protect our home is much more accessible than a few years ago. Additionally, security cameras have several alternative uses, beyond video verification of alarm events, which simplify everyday life.

Specifically, having security cameras connected to your Alarm System is very convenient. Next, we will mention the main advantages:

  1. The Video Verification of criminal events enables you to request police support. Whether you perform your Own Video Verification from your cell phone or if you have contracted a Video Verification service from Central. When an intrusion into your home is corroborated through real-time images, it is possible to call the Police and request assistance with the confirmed crime.
  2. You can monitor your home anytime, anywhere. With your mobile phone, you can see everything that happens in real-time, even if you are not at home.
  3. The cameras are very useful for caring for the elderly and/or minors at a distance. You can even take care of your pet!
  4. It is possible to verify the entry of third parties into your home for an agreed service, for example, maintenance, domestic service, and child care, among others.
  5. It offers greater security: by having a security camera installed in a visible place, the person who has any intention of committing a criminal act will feel restricted and will often desist from trying to enter the home. Therefore, the camera is a deterrent to crime.

If you have cameras in your home, you can request Video Verification from the Monitoring Center. This service ensures that you have trained personnel attending you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, being able to confirm instantly if you have a false alarm or if they should send you police support in addition to the response mobile.


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