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An IP camera is a surveillance camera that transmits images wirelessly, it does not use cables for the process of retransmission or recording of images.

The images can be viewed through devices connected to the Internet or LAN or WAN networks, such as mobile phones, computers, or tablets.

These cameras have the ability to store images on different media such as computers, hard drives, the cloud, or others.

9 advantages of IP cameras

Main advantages of installing IP cameras

1-     No wires are needed

The absence of wiring facilitates the installation of the cameras and lowers the cost, of being able to invest in improving the technology of the cameras.

2-     Access from anywhere

Images or recordings can be accessed from anywhere, regardless of whether you are in the building or outside of it.

3-     Fully configurable system

The recording system is fully scalable and modifiable according to needs. Just by changing the support of the IP camera, we will obtain a new viewing area.

4-     Advanced technological options

The most modern IP cameras can have technological advances that increase security and can reduce costs with systems such as the recording of unidentified persons or activation by movement.

5-     Integration with external systems

As alarms, remote surveillance personnel, or forensic uses of the recorded images.

9 advantages of IP cameras

6-     Almost unlimited number of cameras

Depending on the bandwidth we have, we can install as many cameras as the system supports.

7-     Remote management of cameras

The cameras can be moved (motorized cameras) zoomed or start or stop recording remotely.

8-     Ease of handling

IP cameras have easy-to-use applications that make them an ideal solution to monitor our homes, businesses or common areas of our homes.

They are currently being used in private homes to control young children and domestic workers. The current laws must be taken into account if the cameras are going to be used to record images in which other people outside the household appear.

9-     Economic and scalable surveillance

A network of IP cameras can be set up for a fairly cheap price, depending on the features we need.

The system can be easily expanded little by little, so it is not necessary to make a large initial investment to end up with a complete surveillance system. We can expand the system with cameras and recording and control systems according to our needs and economic capacity.



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