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Advantages and disadvantages of security camera

Advantages and disadvantages of security camera

Advantages and disadvantages of security cameras 

Surveillance through security cameras have its good side, but it also comes with some disadvantages. We believe that, although the benefits are the majority, all people who wish to install a security system, either through IP cameras or CCTV cameras, must be aware of both sides of the coin…

Here we expose the main disadvantages and advantages of security cameras.

Main advantages of security cameras

  • The peace of mind of having everything under surveillance. If you know what’s going on in spaces where you can’t physically be, but are concerned about keeping them safe, surveillance cameras are a great alternative. Surveillance provides a certain amount of peace of mind.
  • Prevent theft. If you use security cameras at the entrances of your property, you will be able to prevent robberies in general, since the entrances are monitored, the penetration of an intruder is less likely.
  • Connection with the authorities. Modern security systems have options to connect remote surveillance with local security agencies, such as the Police, so if a break-in occurs, help would arrive faster.
  • There are no monthly payments. In general, security cameras are a one-time investment, with no monthly payments for the provision of a service.


Some disadvantages of security cameras

  • They can’t do the job alone. Surveillance is just surveillance, the camera could not stop an intruder, so don’t be careless.
  • Privacy. Many times, the owners of property put cameras in places intended for privacy, this can be a great disadvantage if the limits are not respected.
  • They can be cheated. Unfortunately, some security cameras do not guarantee 100% reliability. That will depend on the brand you choose, try to contact a specialized company to advise you on the process. In Ecuador, you can contact those responsible for Totem.



It is important to mention that despite what has already been mentioned, the needs of the company must always be taken into account in order to make a decision regarding the security that needs to be used in it.

Whatever your need, do not forget that we are here to help you!


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