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Benefits of the Security Camera System

Benefits of the Security Camera System Increase security, reducing expenses. It is a control and management tool that allows

Benefits of the Security Camera System

  • Increase security, reducing expenses. It is a control and management tool that allows owners to increase their security.
  • It reduces expenses on security, concierges, and repairs, replacing physical security on multiple occasions or making its work more efficient.
  • It is a powerful deterrence system, the presence of cameras intimidates intruders and vandals, making them desist.
  • It eliminates the usual dangers, theft from people and apartments, the destruction and theft of vehicles in garages and storage rooms, and the concern of parents and the elderly.
  • Avoid aggression and intimidation of neighbors.
  • Deters marauders. They will no longer see individuals sleeping in the doorways and storage rooms, or intruders in the pool.
  • End the impunity with which some individuals act.
  • Reduce repair costs. They will not find graffiti again, on the walls.
  • Improves coexistence: Increases respect for the facilities.
  • Prevents the breakage of mailboxes, doors, and windows, and emptying of fire extinguishers,…
  • We guarantee privacy. The system has a security device that shields the privacy of the neighbors.

How does it work:

It is a new concept of video surveillance, capable of simultaneously monitoring and recording video with DVD image quality, allowing at the same time, if desired, remote control from an Alarm Center.

Designed to easily manage from 1 to 16 video channels through multi-control, with strict security measures that guarantee the privacy and intimacy of neighbors and recordings, through passwords and dedicated passwords.

Allows real-time, multi-screen (up to 16 cameras depending on models) and sequential viewing easily through the CMTS® tool, with drop-down menus, with the possibility of being managed by clicking on the screen, with the possibility of:

  • Automatic or manual adjustment of the image quality by the camera, is important for more effective management of the capacity and duration of the recordings.
  • On-screen or audible alarms for activation of motion sensors. Effective alert system that notifies the concierges of any movement of people or vehicles that occurs in the building. Without the need to be permanently watching the screen, the cameras will notify you. It allows, therefore, a better use of the work of the concierges.
  • Automatic window by movement. Know at all times the cameras that are capturing movement.
  • Possibility of individually naming each camera.
  • Automatic shutdown and restoration due to electrical failures to avoid damage to the equipment.


  • Password for access to the recordings. Only those persons authorized by the person in charge may access the recorded images.
  • Recording schedules programmable by cameras. This way it will take up less space and you can store more recording time.
  • Real-time recording capacity of all cameras in continuous recording, by motion detection, or by event or alarm. Our technicians will program it at your convenience so that our teams can work autonomously.
  • A quick search for recordings by event, motion detection, map, or search calendar (date and time). It will be very easy to find the recording you need.
  • Image Integrity

PREVENT View Communities® provides a watermark (digital stamp), making it impossible for the recordings to be altered or modified. It is an essential requirement for the recordings to be legally presented as police or judicial evidence. “Document yourself with evidence.”

-surveillance All our equipment is prepared for services such as Tele-surveillance. Connecting them to the alarm center to carry out periodic rounds or alarm verification, some models can be connected to the mobile or PDA (optional contract).

For transmission to the Alarm Center, it is necessary to have an ADSL Router with a fixed IP. For the mobile or PDA, it must have GPRS and it must be possible to download the JAVA program on it.

There is a wide range of cameras. PREVENT View Communities® opts for the solution that it considers most suitable for Homeowners’ Communities, such as cameras with independent parts or elements instead of compact cameras (integrate electronics, optics and support in a single element). Due to the greater durability of the elements, their high dissuasive power and the economy of maintenance, breakdowns that occur in independent parts can be replaced without having to change the entire camera.

Range of the Optics
To detect the presence of someone on a screen, it should constitute at least 10% of the height of the image. To identify them with maximum precision, they should constitute 30% or more of the image. For this reason, it is important to check the capabilities of the selected cameras and view the resulting images on the screen before recording live.

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