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6 reasons to install a security camera in your business

install a security camera in business

6 reasons to install a security camera in your business

The installation of a security camera is rarely unanimous in business. However, here are some good reasons to have a video surveillance system installed in your business!


The installation of a security camera is always a subject of debate in companies. Indeed, the installation of a video surveillance system at work can be experienced as an invasion of privacy by some employees. However, here are some advantages that can eliminate any hesitation in using it!

Summary :

Guaranteed protection of privacy

For those who think that the surveillance device is an instrument that invades people’s privacy, they should know that this argument is not valid. Because the regulations define the appropriate places for installation. To ensure privacy, three locations are targeted for camera installation:

  • An open public place:  this place is characterized by its public aspect. Travel agencies, house entrances and public roads. The place is not delimited by any enclosure and it is freely accessible. The cameras are not installed in the toilets or in tight places. For hotel establishments, it is forbidden to install cameras in places intended for sleeping or napping.
  • A sales store:  some locations may be public places, but they are in a well-fenced enclosure. These are retail stores and shopping malls. The accessible nature of buildings to the public may be reason enough to install outdoor wireless surveillance cameras . This authorization does not infringe privacy.
  • A private building:  this public criterion is not the only reason for installing cameras. Some homeowners or manufacturers may install devices in enclosed areas. Only authorized persons have access to this place. Monitoring devices will help monitor activities that are carried out in an isolated area.

A legitimate reason

The reasons why CCTV devices are installed are legitimate. In the collective work “Manager of confusing situations” , Benoît de BOISREDON did not fail to emphasize that the use of security cameras “can go through organizational and material measures” . Indeed, the devices pursue one of the following objectives:

  • Control the work of workers.
  • Guarantee the safety and health of workers.
  • Ensure the protection of company assets.
  • Control the production process in the company.

Irrefutable proof

Surveillance cameras are irrefutable proof. However, certain conditions must be met for the evidence to be admitted.

  • Production of images in real time:  when an offense is committed in a controlled area, only surveillance devices are able to reproduce the facts in real time. The investigation services may have access to the information recorded by the monitoring device.
  • Retention of images:  camera images can be saved for well-defined reasons. The law authorizes the recording and storage of images to gather evidence of the facts observed. The retention of images can last up to a month and even longer.

deter crime

This is the biggest and most obvious benefit of installing security cameras. Once they are installed, you will be able to see their effect on people almost immediately. Even if they are placed discreetly, you will begin to feel a sense of security, which is priceless.

Whether you install the cameras in your home or workplace , you can prevent crime. Just seeing the camera staring at them and the very thought of getting caught in the act is intimidating enough to deter wrongdoers.

Whether you’re having problems with theft, punctuality, or productivity, your security camera can provide solutions.

An irreplaceable guardian

If individuals can fail in their role as guardians, devices are an essential ally in terms of surveillance. If the person can sleep, the device remains activated all day and all evening. Likewise, some facts may escape human gaze due to distraction. On the other hand, the device films all the facts without any exception.

A perfect control mechanism

The cameras monopolize the control mechanisms because they are able to take the images. This grip can be done by pivoting in all sides. In addition to this aspect, the devices can also facilitate image magnification mechanisms. All the details will be examined with a magnifying glass to perfect the control exercised in an environment.

The security camera is touted as one of the most perfect methods in surveillance mechanisms. The use of this technology strengthens the surveillance of companies.


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