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A Video Surveillance System With And Without A Subscription?

a video surveillance system with and without a subscription

The difference between a video surveillance system with and without a subscription?

Nowadays, there are several brands of remote monitoring systems. They are offered either with a monthly subscription for professional 24/7 surveillance, or as a subscription-free surveillance camera system . Each of these systems has advantages and disadvantages. Find out in this article which of these two systems is best suited to your needs?

The wifi surveillance camera without subscription:

Among the panoply of models offered over the counter, it is never easy to find the high-performance wifi video surveillance camera that perfectly meets your needs. To better choose your model, we have made a comparison of the best surveillance cameras without subscription . In summary, these surveillance cameras are perfect for outdoor use in private homes because they are not afraid of rain, dust or snow and are very easy to install. Connected to the WiFi network of the house or by an RJ45 cable, the user would be notified on the application installed on the phone if an intruder passes in front of the motion sensor. It is thus possible to monitor the home even when it is thousands of kilometers away!

The advantage of the video surveillance system without subscription, that there are  no  additional costs  to   assume. The only costs are those incurred when purchasing the camera kit. No installation costs, no start-up costs. The user even with little DIY knowledge could proceed with the installation and configuration of the system. Everything is explained in the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Advantages :

  • It’s cheaper: An IP video surveillance system without subscription is less expensive than a professional system with subscription!
  • Easier to install :
  • Free apps :
  • Some subscription surveillance camera models offer night vision
  • Remote control:  Video surveillance technology via ip camera  ensures remote control of cameras.
  • No need to pay a maintenance contract for the hardware,


  • Cuts in the event of interference from the WIFI network
  • Costs of work in case of a wired internet connection

Surveillance systems with subscription:

Subscription surveillance systems mean you have access to more options for video backup, image viewing and storage, as well as the benefit of an alarm and the intervention of security guards in case of intrusion or attempted theft in your home. Several brands …


Surveillance camera with subscription

Advantages :

  • Secure video data
  • coupling with your security system: access control, alarm system, etc.
  • Configuration, diagnosis, and maintenance can be done remotely
  • Cloud space for storing and archiving video recordings included in the subscription offer
  • In the event of an intrusion and in accordance with a protocol, teams of security guards intervene to ensure the protection of property and people present.
  • Support for all alerts and intervention 24/7.
  • Works with a 4G network independent of the internet network of the house to avoid cuts


  • A little expensive compared to wireless cameras without subscription.
  • Short data retention period

A subscription video surveillance system as presented in this article only makes sense if it includes an alarm. If not, a subscription-free CCTV system with recording to an SD card or server will do just fine.


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