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Analog video surveillance: the most widespread

Analog video surveillance: the most widespread

Analog video surveillance: the most widespread

The analog video surveillance system is still currently the most widely used in businesses, shops and private homes.

It is equipped with analog cameras whose only role is to capture images and send them to a time-limited recorder (VCR type) via an analog signal.

This system is made up of one or more cameras, a monitor (or television), a recorder and cabling (the transfer of images is done via a so-called coaxial cable ).

The dominant position of this type of video surveillance on the market brings some important advantages:

  • a wide variety of analog cameras: dimensions, shapes, applications;
  • the price of analog cameras: more economical than that of IP cameras.

Weak features of this type of video surveillance

Its main advantage is the quality and fluidity of the images as well as its ease of use.

But compared to network video surveillance, the analog system is quite limited in terms of functionality:

  • storage capacity limited in time (cassettes);
  • inflexible image format;
  • no real-time access via the Internet (unless the cameras are connected to a network) and mobile Internet (PDA, GSM, etc.);
  • limited scalability: difficult to add additional cameras over time (cable length, works, etc.);
  • no remote management: installation, maintenance…

Switching from analog to digital: not difficult

If you are equipped with an analog CCTV system and want to go digital, this does not necessarily require replacing all the equipment.

To benefit from the advantages of digital, you can use a TV card (to be installed in the computer) or a digital video recorder (DVR) which can convert analog signals into digital signals: this makes it possible to store the digitized images on a computer.

Thanks to digital recorders, you can easily set up a hybrid video surveillance system that combines analog cameras and digital or IP cameras via a single network.

Analog CCTV Prices

What is the most expensive in analog video surveillance is the installation because it often requires heavy work (passage of cables, installation of cameras, etc.).

This system also requires the full-time presence of a security officer to monitor the images broadcast on the monitor and to carry out the rounds.

Analog cameras are often cheaper than digital or IP cameras.

We can, if you wish, put you in touch with one or more video surveillance specialists. They can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.


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