Benefits of Installing Structured Cabling

Benefits of Installing Structured Cabling

What are the Benefits of Installing Structured Cabling? The installation of structured cabling, when done with intelligence and preparation, is a very worthwhile long-term investment since this type of cabling is designed to easily evolve with the needs of your business. But more, generally, it has many advantages.

The simplicity

The cables making up the structured network are all connected to a data centre. They also communicate with each other through nodes in the network. A device can therefore be connected to the structured cabling network from any location served by the network. It is not necessary to connect each device independently to the data centre. Thus, the number of wires required is reduced. The threads do not multiply in a growing disorder and do not tangle until they resemble the Gordian knot which only a sword cut could overcome. The devices share the same cables that are networked to allow data to flow through various paths.


Depending on the needs of your business, it could be that at the beginning of the day all the connected devices are in the same room while a few hours later, the connected devices are scattered throughout your premises. Regardless, with structured cabling, the data transmission speed will be equally efficient in either case. This networked system is designed to provide multiple paths for data to take as needed. It is therefore impossible to overload the network until its maximum capacity is reached. The download time is therefore always optimal.

What if your needs change and the maximum capacity is exceeded? Then, it will be possible to add cables to strengthen the network without having to change the structured cabling already in place. Unlike traditional cabling, structured cabling will never expire, it can always be extended without you having to replace all the cabling. You will therefore be able to find ideal access to your information network more quickly.

The maintenance of a structured network is also simplified. Indeed, the fewer threads there are to check, the less time the experts will need to find the origin of the problem. With structured cabling, there is no longer a million (slight exaggeration!) tangled wires that need to be identified before doing any checking. With structured cabling, not only are there fewer cables, but the cables are easily accessible since they are collected in the cable distribution centre. Shutdowns due to network repairs or modifications are therefore shorter, allowing your business to resume operations more quickly.


If there is one aspect that should not be overlooked in a data transmission network, it is security. Well, structured cabling makes security management easier and gives you better peace of mind.

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