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Kindergarten Security Camera Installation In Anaheim

Kindergarten Security Camera Installation In Anaheim

Burglaries and thefts are numerous in the U.S  and you might seek an absolute experienced and elite team to install commercial Security Cameras in Anaheim. Kindergarten Security Camera Installation In Anaheim is our essential job.

STRAIGHT will set up your camera systems by a highly skilled and very well trained security specialist team at very competitive prices with almost a decade of experience and numerous home and business installations.

Our security camera products are very efficient. They are resistant to shocks, heat and extreme cold. The cameras film in high definition and are also efficient at night thanks to the infra-red LED.

  • The request for an estimated price for the installation of security cameras, video surveillance troubleshooting and rental is free. Trust our installers to ensure a perfect follow-up and installation of your protection systems.

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Best Security Cameras (for Business and Homes)

Gone are the days when having a home security system was complicated and extremely expensive. The best home security cameras are becoming one of the best ways to identify and capture unwanted intruders.

They come with a multitude of features that are easy to install and use and will make your home and family safer. Learn now how to buy a security camera and know our recommendations for these devices.


Why Buy One of the Best Security Cameras?

It is not easy to decide with so many types of security systems and it can become a daunting and tiring task. There are a large number of companies that have improved on this type of service and they are growing every day, and new companies appear all the time.

These security cameras allow you to provide the police with images of the offenders and increase the possibility of being found or even trigger an audible alarm that will surely scare them away if any crime happens in your home.

But they also have another very interesting function: allowing you to keep an eye on your best friend (dog, cat, bird, among others) or even your children in your absence, ensuring that everything is fine with them.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Security Camera

Below are some important features you should consider before purchasing a home security camera. The idea here is for you to understand a little more about the specifications of these devices and be able to choose the best model for you.

Motion detector

These motion detector cameras will be able to send notifications when there is motion within their viewing angle.

These notifications can alert you to suspicious activity and you can monitor what is happening.

The most modern cameras have the ability to alert even when they hear a sound and can even distinguish between a baby’s cry or the alert of a smoke detector, giving more accurate alerts about what happened.

Field of vision

The field of view of a camera is very important to be analyzed.

With it, you’ll be able to define how many cameras will be needed, for example in a living room or kitchen, and where you should place them. A wider lens allows you to view a larger area in front of the camera.

Most cameras have an average field of view approaching 130 degrees and our recommendation is to look for models with values ​​greater than or equal to this.

Night vision

Night vision cameras can record images with little or no light and can be very useful as criminal activities often take place at night.

It is an extremely useful feature and if possible, opt for models with such technology.

camera movement

A camera that allows you to move can record a larger area than a static camera, reducing the number of cameras needed to view a particular area.

It is an alternative to cameras with a wide field of view, as instead of focusing on several cameras with a wide field of view, you can opt for a smaller number of cameras, but with movement, to cover that same area.

Wireless (Wi-Fi)

Cameras that have Wi-Fi can communicate with your home network, which can be very useful for installation. But its main positive point can also be a negative thing as they will be more difficult to be uninstalled since they do not have wires that need to be cut.

You’ll be able to send the images quickly to a computer or view it in real-time on your cell phone, being an extremely practical alternative nowadays.


This is a very important item in terms of image quality: the resolution defines how your camera’s image will look. The clearer, sharper images will make it easier to identify the face or items in the images your camera has shot, so the higher the resolution value, the better.

There are already 4K cameras on the market but they are extremely expensive. The best option currently is still a resolution of 1080 pixels, since with such a resolution you will have crisp and excellent quality videos without having to pay outrageous prices for such quality.


The vast majority of cameras offer cloud storage, but generally, this service is paid for. Local storage on a micro SD card is very good and cheap, but remember that recording could be stolen if the intruder realizes he has a camera.


Cost is a very important factor that must be analyzed before making the purchase decision.

If you want to keep an eye on what’s going on indoors when you’re not there, but don’t want to invest in a complete home security system, it’s worth taking a look at the Wi-Fi connected cameras we’ve set aside for you.

Thinking about helping you find the best model that meets your needs, check out our recommendations and any questions or suggestions just leave a comment below, we’ll be happy to help you.

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