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looking for a surveillance camera for your home? We tell you its pros and cons

looking for a surveillance camera for your home

Are you looking for a surveillance camera for your home? We tell you its pros and cons

IP cameras are affordable and allow, among other features, to monitor your home from your mobile or tablet in real time

The fear that our house will be ransacked while we are away, that squatters will sneak in if we have a second home that we only go to on vacation, or that our elders will be fine if they live alone has made sales of home security cameras grow remarkably. With these devices, which only need to have Wi-Fi and are sold at very competitive prices, it is possible to consult the images in real-time on the mobile, you can listen and speak, as well as a record if you wish and receive an alert if there is an unexpected movement. These products, in addition to advantages, also have some drawbacks, such as absolute dependence on the Internet or, on occasion, vulnerability to hackers. We delve into all of this in this article.

Home security cameras, should I buy one?

Not all of us have the same needs, so it will depend on our particular situation whether or not to acquire a surveillance camera for our home. But if you have a pet that spends a lot of time alone or you fear that squatters will enter the apartment on the beach, it may be useful to have one.

Taking these data into account, in addition to the number of burglaries in homes —in the past year more than 54,000 robberies with force in homes were recorded in our country—, more and more citizens decide to install a camera in their homes. The data demonstrates this growth: the global market for video surveillance systems estimates an annual growth rate of 15.53% by 2024, according to the report published by Research and Market. How do these homemade cameras work? What advantages do they have and what are their drawbacks?

The advantages of surveillance IP cameras

Very comfortable and easy to install

One of the main advantages of these cameras is their installation: it is enough to have a plug and an Internet connection for them to start working. It is configured through a simple and intuitive mobile application and everything is stored in the cloud or on the camera card.

Easy location

The cameras, small in size, can be placed anywhere you want. If you want to keep the robbers at bay, it will be enough to point it toward the entrance door (they can rotate and it has a 360° viewing angle).

You can see the images from the mobile in real time


IP cameras are video surveillance devices that allow you to view images in real time remotely, either from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. They have infrared night vision.

In addition, it is also possible to listen to what is happening in the room and even speak from your mobile with the people who are at home. This is very useful if you have older relatives who live alone, for example.

They are affordable and there are no fees to pay

From just over 30 euros you can find a camera that performs all kinds of functions, although the price range is very wide. As it is a system that does not require wiring, its installation is also very cheap, since it is enough to have —in addition to Wi-Fi— a network cable nearby to connect it.

By not depending on a company, you do not have to pay the installation or monthly fees. The only expense you will make is the purchase of the device.

Allow recording

Surveillance cameras allow us to monitor what happens, so we will have a record that can be very useful. The recording can be done from the mobile application or the motion detection surveillance service can be programmed to record on a memory card installed inside the camera. When they detect motion, the cameras automatically track the moving object.

Send alarm

If we leave the house and it’s empty, we can program the camera to alert us if it detects movement, so right then and there we can call the police about what’s going on.

Disadvantages of an IP camera

 Depends on the internet signal

If the Internet fails or the Wi-Fi connection is not good or strong, they can fail. There may be interference, or poor coverage… which affects the sharpness of the image and sound or even makes it impossible. Without wifi these cameras are useless.

They are vulnerable

If the Internet signal is lost, they are unusable, and it is also relatively easy to hack them. In this case, all the information that the camera has is exposed. This includes email accounts, personal data, etc.

They do not watch the whole house

These cameras do not have a circuit with multiple cameras that can monitor the entire house but are small devices with a viewing angle of 360 °. They will only be useful if the thieves access or pass in front of the place where you are looking and turning.

Privacy invaded?

The camera should never be installed without the knowledge of all the members of the house and assistants or without the consent of our elders if the purpose of the camera is to know if they are well. The limits of privacy and intimacy cannot be crossed.



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