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Operation and advantages of a surveillance camera

Operation of a surveillance camera

Operation and advantages of a surveillance camera

Surveillance cameras are increasingly popular with homeowners wishing to optimize the security of their homes. They evolve at the same time as technology, to offer high-performance models, which adapt to modern use, in particular through a wifi connection and remote control.

How does an IP camera work?

The surveillance camera is connected to an internet connection, to allow you to have access to your images in real-time. Depending on the models, you can also save filmed images.

By obtaining these images directly on your smartphone or tablet, you keep an eye on your home at all times, especially in the event of an alert. Thus, if suspicious activity is detected, the system automatically sends an alert to your smartphone, so that you can see live what is happening at home. You thus visualize your home or its exterior, in order to judge if danger is really present and if, consequently, an intervention is necessary.

Optimize your security by connecting the camera to the security system

By connecting your camera to your remotely monitored alarm system, you make the task of remote monitoring agents easier. Indeed, if the alarm is triggered, a video is automatically recorded and transmitted to the agents. It is therefore advisable to opt as much as possible for a camera with good features such as high definition and/or a wide angle, which will provide remote surveillance agents with an image of the intrusion.


The benefits of a quality camera

An IP camera model like the Verisure surveillance camera allows video to be triggered when motion is detected. You benefit from a full HD image and a 4X digital zoom, which will leave no doubt about the nature of the intrusion and will constitute major allies to help the remote surveillance team and the police.

Why choose a surveillance camera and where to install it?

Within a house, the IP camera helps to ensure the safety of the family. Many parents prefer to invest in this type of device rather than jeopardize the safety of their children.

In a business, the use of this type of device is also essential to deter burglars. A surveillance camera, for example, will allow you to keep an eye on possible shoplifting. Thanks to the effective zoom, you will be able to see precisely who it is and what object has been stolen. These images can be used as evidence against the malicious individual in the event of legal proceedings. If the price of an IP camera can sometimes make some merchants hesitate, it is worth highlighting the substantial savings that can be made thanks to the significant reduction in the number of thefts.

The calculation is therefore quickly made, and the advantages that flow from this type of investment greatly exceed this first step.

The same is true in a shopping center or on a construction site, which would have to use different cameras placed in strategic places (aisles, areas prohibited to the public, car parks). They will transmit their images to the security PC, which will thus be able to keep an eye on the entire structure.

What does the law say about installing a personal surveillance camera?

The surveillance camera is completely authorized by law, as long as you respect a few rules, in particular:

  • Public spaces must not be filmed
  • It is forbidden to film your neighbors, in order to respect their privacy
  • People working in your home should also be notified of the presence of a camera
  • In buildings, the common areas cannot be filmed by a personal camera

Despite these few installation constraints, a surveillance camera remains a great addition to your security, especially if you already have an alarm system with remote monitoring or are planning to install one.

How to choose your surveillance camera?

To benefit from optimal image quality, specific to security needs, an IP camera should be preferred to an analog camera.

Camera ergonomics

When you are faced with your choice, remember to check certain points. We think in particular of the ease of installation and use of the camera. A model that would impose excessive constraints on you would surely tire you and risk being forgotten… Also choose a surveillance camera adapted to your needs (rotary vision, motor system, etc.) or to the type of people likely to s use it (novices…).

Also choose a model adapted to the environment in which it will be installed: an indoor camera, for example, does not have the same requirements as an outdoor camera (weather resistance, etc.).

A powerful motion detector

The most basic patterns will trigger at any time, including situations that aren’t worth alerting you to. A passing cat, or the movement of a branch behind the bay window, can unnecessarily trigger a motion detector with a poorly evaluated detection threshold. To be sure to receive an alert in relevant cases, make sure that the detector associated with your surveillance camera can be programmed to define detection zones, for example.

A good camera will also be able to offer you sound recording, which guarantees you additional data in the event of an intrusion into your home.

A quality picture

Image quality will also be a selection criterion. It can vary considerably from one model to another. A poorly performing image will bring you nothing constructive. The day you need it, it is better to be able to count on full HD images that will allow you, if possible, to identify an individual, for example.

The day/night mode provided by an infrared system will also be appreciable, to benefit from a quality image at all times. Even in night mode, you benefit from a high-definition image!

Cloud image storage for added security

Some surveillance cameras only need an SD card to store recorded photos or videos. However, you are not immune to the intruder leaving with the SD card, or even the camera itself! You could then say goodbye to your data…

By saving your images to the Cloud, you are sure to have permanent access to your photos and videos, wherever and whenever you want.


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