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Security Camera Installation Company Orange County

Security Camera Installation Company Orange County

Burglaries and thefts are numerous in U.S  and you might seek for an absolute experienced and elite Security Camera Installation Company in Orange County . Installation of video surveillance camera in Orange County is our essential job.

STRLIGHT will set up Your camera systems by a high skilled and a very well trained  security specialist team at a very competitive prices with almost a decade of experience and numerous home and business installations.

Our security camera products are very efficient. They are resistant to shocks, heat and extreme cold. The cameras film in  high definition and are also efficient at night thanks to the infra-red LED.

The request for an estimate price for the installation of security cameras , video surveillance troubleshooting and rental is free . Trust our installers to ensure a perfect follow-up and installation of your protection systems.  

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As with almost everything else today, video surveillance has also entered the Internet age. Where the camera solutions, until just a few years ago, were based on local networks, where the individual camera was connected to a screen and / or video recorder, each camera is now connected to the Internet and can thus be accessed live in real time, no matter where you are. in the world.

There are an incredible number of benefits to choosing a surveillance camera that is connected to the Internet, also called a SmartCam , but of course there are also security concerns. I will return to it later in this article.


With a video surveillance camera that can be connected to the Internet via WiFi, you get both great flexibility in relation to where you can mount it. Here you do not have to think about running cables that must connect the camera and monitor or video recorder. The only thing a WiFi surveillance camera needs is a fairly normal 220V plug nearby and a good WiFi signal at the installation site.


However, the great advantage of an Internet-based surveillance camera is that you can access it wherever you are in the world. Whether you are at work, traveling or sitting at home in the living room, you can access your cameras directly on your mobile phone and see what is happening in real time. This is often called live streaming.

On most modern video surveillance systems, you can even watch and play back recordings from recent days, directly on the phone. This way you can easily check what has happened if you return home to something that is not as usual.

My clear recommendation is therefore that you should choose a surveillance camera that can be connected wirelessly to the Internet via WiFi.


Get notified when moving.

Some surveillance cameras offer so-called motion detection or motion detection. As the name suggests, this enables the camera to detect movement within its field of view and on that basis make a recording and in some cases even send you a message about the event.

I would definitely recommend that you choose a surveillance camera with this feature as you will be informed that something is happening in the home, in real time, directly on your mobile phone. Unlike first discovering that there have been uninvited guests when you return home, and then having to go through hours of footage to find out the time of the incident so you can finally see what has happened.


The really big question when it comes to internet-connected cameras is,  is it safe?

The answer is both yes and no. There are an incredible number of surveillance camera manufacturers. Some are very serious about the safety of their products, others are not.

As a consumer, you can not do much to check the security level of your new Internet surveillance camera , as security consists of a wide range of different things, both in hardware, firmware and on the manufacturer’s servers.

My clear advice is therefore that you choose a surveillance camera from a reputable manufacturer. One that has been in the market for many years and that has sold many products. Such a manufacturer has a lot to lose by not having control over the safety of their products and will therefore put a lot of resources into ensuring that it is top notch.

Resolution is not everything.

When you buy a new TV, laptop or mobile phone, you are almost always met with a sales argument that deals with the high resolution of the product; HD, Full HD, 4K or even 5K resolution.

High resolution equals great image quality, but also large amounts of data that must be sent and received in milliseconds. This typically also works fine when the high-resolution screen, sitting on a laptop or smartphone, but less fine when these hefty amounts of data have to be sent from a surveillance camera to e.g. your phone via the internet.

For example, the amount of pixel data in a 4K resolution is more than 8 times greater than in an HD resolution.

That is 8 times as much data to be sent from your surveillance camera to your mobile phone. Mix a half-blown internet connection or weak mobile data signal to this formula and the result will be a surveillance camera, which at best is slow to access, with choppy images and sound, and at worst a camera that you can not access at all.

My advice is therefore that you should choose a surveillance camera with HD (720×1280 pixels) resolution. This resolution is high enough that you get pictures and recordings, on which you can easily recognize faces and see details that can be helpful for clarifying e.g. burglary, but still low enough that you will experience a stable connection to the camera, with fluid images and sound.

we are the Security Camera Installation Company in Orange County who would give you the best you need.

Last Advice

Last but not least, it is also important that the camera is future-proof to some extent. Although everything works as it should today, the development within video surveillance is lightning fast and it is therefore a good idea to ensure that your new camcorder can be updated with new features and security updates.

Another thing that is important in this regard is that you choose a surveillance camera from a reputable manufacturer . This way, you make sure that the camera has been thoroughly tested by many before you and that you will get good support and customer service if you need it.

again if you are looking for Security Camera Installation Company In Orange County please do not hesitate to call or E-mail us for any service you need.


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