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Surveillance camera: Gain – insurance? How does it work?

Surveillance camera Gain insurance

Surveillance camera: Gain – insurance? How does it work?


The surveillance camera is a real advantage for professionals and individuals. In its early days, remote monitoring was mainly used by security companies. Today, you can find them almost everywhere. Whether it is an analog camera or an IP camera, they have the advantage of continuously observing a location day and night.

Surveillance cameras and insurance

The most obvious benefit of surveillance cameras is the security they provide. Not only do they provide a strong sense of trust, but their presence also deters wrongdoers. Often positioned in different places, these materials give the possibility of keeping an eye on several places at the same time. This saves time. The use of a surveillance camera the guarantee knowing the activities and events that have occurred in a place.
Economically, the use of video surveillance reduces the cost of home insurance. Indeed, it is an advantage for insurers. In addition to considerably reducing thefts, they simplify the identification of criminals.

Good practices

Home insurance is a must. What could be more advantageous than to see the amount to be paid for this reduced? Thanks to the use of video surveillance, it is possible to have 10% to 15% reduction with certain insurers. The home deductible may possibly be canceled by the insurer if the camera is on during an intrusion. In order to support applicants in the process to be followed, insurers offer, in addition to insurance, a remote monitoring installation, maintenance included.


Video surveillance is not required by the insurer except in certain cases. Among others: building located in a sensitive and easily accessible area, low-traffic dwelling.
The insurer may possibly require the presence of other monitoring systems. They are mainly intended for people who cannot afford remote monitoring.

Other possibilities

Video surveillance is not the only way to secure your home. There are other options that are more affordable. These devices can also be used in parallel with video surveillance for optimal security. Among others, alarms, presence detectors, bars, and gates.

Other uses

In addition to ensuring security and protecting a perimeter from intrusions that may occur, in an agricultural environment, the surveillance camera can also allow you to keep an eye on your herd and prevent health risks or to be alerted of calving.

Good practices

In any case, it is necessary to adopt good habits for a minimum of security:

  • The doors: it is important to get into the habit of closing the doors in all circumstances;
  • Lock and padlock: doors and windows should always have strong locks and padlocks;
  • Vehicle keys: you must avoid, at all costs, leaving the car keys in the ignition, even if it is parked in the yard;
  • GPS and valuable devices: get into the habit of placing valuables in secure locations that are difficult to access;
  • Tools: discretion is necessary to reduce the risk of theft;
  • Lighting: Installing automatic lighting is ideal for deterring intruders.


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