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The Advantages Of A WiFi Camera

Advantages Of A WiFi Camera

The Advantages Of A WiFi Camera.

The internet network and Wifi are profitable channels for some current surveillance systems. Indeed, they facilitate the surveillance of a home, because they allow you to monitor your home from your Smartphone. Although practical, the innovations brought by Wifi are not, however, infallible.


What is a WiFi camera?

The wifi camera is an image and video recorder that you can place both inside and outside your home. It is a video surveillance system that allows you in any case to have a continuous eye on your home. Unlike analog cameras, the use of this model does not require connection cables to transmit the images taken by the cameras to your receiver. On the other hand, you must have an internet connection or strong enough wifi for the camera to be operational. In addition, the camera and the receiver must be configured under the same IP address in order to facilitate data transfer. Otherwise, the recorded images or videos cannot be displayed on your phone or computer screen.

To ensure the effectiveness of this monitoring system, it is recommended to call on professionals in this field. Improper installation can cause a malfunction. In addition, the configuration of IP requires precision and perfect control of the devices to be linked.


The different types of wifi cameras

You can find different types of wifi cameras offered for sale in the market. Although the choice is still wide, find a selection of the best surveillance cameras here.

Among the most popular, there is the dome camera which is a device equipped with transparent protection. It is sturdy and waterproof, giving you the option of placing it outside your home. The orientation of the lens of this camera is imperceptible. On the other hand, you will have to regularly clean its transparent part to preserve the good quality of the image.

There is also the PTZ camera which comes with a programmable rotation capability to suit your needs. You can order the rotation from your Smartphone or your computer in this case. The auto-tracking option allows this device to automatically follow the movement of a person detected in the area to be monitored.

For outdoor use, you can also opt for the Bullet camera. This type has an airtight box that allows it to be invulnerable to bad weather. However, if you opt for this device, remember to place it out of sight of curious people to avoid sabotage. Apart from that, there are wifi cameras that are directly integrated into the doorbells of the houses. This will especially allow you to know who is ringing at your door.


The price of a wifi camera

The prices of wifi cameras vary according to the models and their capacities. However, some entry-level models are available from €40. You should know that these cheaper cameras do not offer remarkable efficiency and the quality of the images can also leave something to be desired. In contrast, higher quality wifi cameras can cost in the $600 range. These are equipped with various functions such as the ability to switch from shooting in portrait mode to landscape mode. Some models are even equipped with an infrared system that allows you to have clear vision in the dark.

In the case of an entry-level or mid-range camera, sometimes the distance between the receiver and the camera may weaken the transmission. This may affect the quality of the image on your screen. In order to remedy this, it is better to get a signal amplifier to intensify the transmission capacity of the cameras. In addition, for your surveillance camera to work perfectly, it is best to equip yourself with a powerful wifi box.

The advantages of the wifi camera

If you are taken away from your home for a while, you will still be able to monitor it remotely. To do this, you will only have to activate the mobile data of your Smartphone and access your surveillance cameras in real-time. In some cases, a program that supports securing your home may be included in the application linked to your surveillance camera. This option will allow you to alert the emergency services or the police if you notice a break-in attempt from your Smartphone.

In addition, the most sophisticated models are equipped with artificial intelligence. Instead of remaining on continuously, their devices only engage when they detect suspicious movements in the monitored area.

The wifi camera remains very practical and installs quickly. The device is wire-free, making it easy to install, maintain, or replace the camera. In order to benefit from an effective surveillance system both internally and externally, all you need is a wifi box with a high-speed connection.


The disadvantages of the wifi camera

The Wifi camera is vulnerable insofar as it is based on the wifi network of your home. Indeed, your wifi box, your receiver, and your camera are set to the same IP address. This means that as soon as the latter is hacked, your entire surveillance system will be compromised. Therefore, it is imperative that you secure your wifi optimally. You should know that, unlike analog cameras, the risk of hacking on wifi cameras is much higher.

Moreover, the effectiveness of wifi cameras depends entirely on the quality of the connection that powers them. It is therefore essential to have an excellent connection for both your cameras and your receiver. Otherwise, the images and videos taken by the cameras may be of very poor quality. In the worst case, you won’t even be able to view them from your smartphone. In order to guarantee good data transmission, having an excellent internet connection is essential.


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