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The advantages of home video surveillance

The advantages of home video surveillance

The advantages of home video surveillance

Formerly reserved for businesses, video surveillance systems have become popular to allow individuals to better secure their homes.
As a deterrent, connected cameras are there to constantly watch over valuables and always keep an eye on loved ones. Back to the advantages of home video surveillance.

Remote and real-time monitoring

Whether you use the Ethernet cable or WiFi, the installation of the IP camera is easy and allows you to have access to data anywhere. Indeed, all it takes is a suspicious presence in your home for the camera to record a video or capture photos which will then be sent to your computer or state-of-the-art mobile phone.
This recorded data will be stored on a microSD card, USB key, server or any other reliable method always protected by an encryption system. There are also free applications that will send you alerts by SMS or e-mail. Depending on your expectations, it is possible to monitor all the rooms in the house or concentrate on a single room: the living room where your valuables are located (hi-fi equipment, works of art, safe, etc.), the baby room to serve as a sophisticated baby monitor, etc.


Personalization, an understandable need

Because hackers are constantly looking for a flaw in your connected objects, it is important to always secure the system. To do this, personalize your home video surveillance using a clear and secure interface with a password.
In addition to the computer, you can also use a Smartphone to configure the IP camera which will monitor predefined areas, zoom in on a shadow, record ambient sound, engage at specific time slots..


WiFi or Ethernet cable?

These two solutions are valid with IP cameras. But if you have trouble choosing, know that both options can be used at the same time. Of course, the benefits differ.

If the cable connection makes it possible to obtain higher quality images, WiFi greatly facilitates the installation of the connected cameras. Indeed, there is no longer any need to calculate the exact length of the cables because all you need is a simple device with the Internet Box and you can control the cameras with your touch pad or Smartphone.


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