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The Advantages Of IP Video Surveillance

The advantages of IP video surveillance

The advantages of IP video surveillance

  1. Less expensive surveillance IP video surveillance can be installed on your existing computer network: no need for specific cabling for your IP video surveillance – No investment in a video switch since everything goes through a computer – The unit cost of IP cameras is often inferior to analog cameras – No need to pay a maintenance contract for the equipment, no VCR or cassettes to buy
  2. Less expensive monitoring
  • IP  video surveillance can be installed on your existing computer network.
  •  No investment in a video switcher since everything goes through a computer.
  •  The unit cost of IP cameras is often lower than that of analog cameras.
  •  No need to pay for a hardware maintenance contract, and no VCRs or tapes to buy.
  1. Easy installation and use of video surveillance
  • IP video surveillance is easy to install, without major work.
  •  It can perfectly be coupled to an analog installation. You can also gradually upgrade your analog camera installation to IP surveillance without heavy investment.
  •  These cameras are compatible with different types of cabling (coaxial cables, IP cabling, fiber optics, etc.) but can also be installed wirelessly.
  •  Adding cameras to your IP surveillance system is easier and faster than with the analog system.
  •  The IP cameras are powered via the Ethernet cable. You place them wherever you want, even far from an electrical connection!
  •  For multi-site businesses, IP surveillance allows IP cameras to be linked together, even between multiple buildings.
  •  Configuration, diagnosis, and maintenance can be done remotely.
  1. Secure video data

Whether it is to view the videos or to store them on servers, you benefit from all the IT security solutions to protect your data.

The viewing of images or the configuration of cameras can be locked by a password transmitted only to authorized persons.

  1. IP video surveillance: many features

By coupling your IP surveillance with your IT, you have a large number of features:

  •  coupling with your security system: access control, alarm system, etc.
  •  possibility of viewing your premises in real time, via any computer connected to your corporate network, but also via the Internet, or even on your mobile phone
  •  automated alert system integrated into the camera: sending of an e-mail or file transfer in the event of anomaly detection or alarm triggering.
  •  intelligent IP CCTV solutions such as silhouette identification, counting system (objects, people, vehicles)
  1. Flexible video aspect ratio
  •  IP CCTV offers a variety of image resolutions including both standard analog camera resolutions and megapixel resolutions.
  •  Ability to digitally zoom high-resolution megapixel images.
  •  Progressive scan (or scan) (instead of interlaced scan). Note that not all of these cameras work in progressive scan mode. Progressive scan allows for higher quality sampling of still images from a video source. This is especially true for a fast target.
  •  Ability to select specific frame sizes and resolutions for each camera in a video surveillance system.
  •  No additional video encoder hardware is required to convert analog video signals to digital data for hard disk recordings.
  •  Choice of video compression codecs such as Motion JPEG, MPEG-4 Part 2, or H.264.


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