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The advantages that you did not know about having security cameras in your company

The advantages having security camera

The advantages that you did not know about having security cameras in your company

Security cameras have taken on a control and supervision role whose objective is to improve the effectiveness of the company. In this article, we are going to analyze the advantages that the implementation of such a system can generate.

The security cameras arrived to observe each space in which we live, and they constantly collect information, that if good use is made of the data captured in the images, the benefits they offer us can be maximized, some of them are:

crime prevention

Video surveillance systems have become the main tool for preventing theft and robbery of employees or people outside the company. Thefts in a company have three main origins, they can be caused by: Customers, employees or outsiders (thieves or intruders). For all cases, a security camera system is a very important and determining factor that can considerably reduce losses in a company. Not only because people take more care knowing that they are being watched, but also because the culprits are easily discovered by reviewing the recordings, and measures are taken for the future.

Supervision and control

The most important effect of an acquisition of a CCTV system is to obtain better supervision and control of the clients and employees in a company. A good camera system allows security personnel to monitor a large area with few people and makes surveillance of the area to be covered more effective. With intelligent systems, different reactions can be configured (e-mail, sirens, automatic calls to telephones or cell phones, lighting, etc.) depending on the area, time, and incident in question.

Reduce surveillance costs

Security cameras can drastically reduce the need for security personnel. The possibility of covering larger areas from a point that allows a few guards to cover more ground and do a better job of guarding. Also, the use of video analysis and intelligence can warn security guards or generate certain functions without the need for additional detectors.

The supervisor can be from the same area, but also from remote areas in different cities or even in different countries. This way one security person can cover several branches


The main factor in reducing or preventing theft is deterrence since the incident is prevented and avoided just by having a CCTV system in plain sight. In fact, it is often considered the use of specific camera types for their appearance (size, type, etc.) to make them look more threatening and “effective” to people with bad intentions.


With a good security camera system, the evidence of any theft or criminal action is recorded and can be used in court or as a convincing factor in legal action or justified dismissal of workers. This is essential to support with facts a certain action or decision in any company.

Improved effectiveness and procedures

An important but difficult to measure and therefore neglected factor is the improvement of employee effectiveness. Continuous control and monitoring by a camera system make employees work more effectively and take fewer breaks in their work.

It can also be verified that the established procedures are followed to obtain greater effectiveness or even use the videos to see real processes and plan how to improve them, since by viewing and analyzing a recording they can realize that there are other different and more effective ways of carrying out work and therefore improve them.

Failure Reason Analysis

When there are failures or errors in the production or service of a company, the recordings can be reviewed later and determine what were the reasons for the guilty persons, and then take action to avoid future failures.


There are many reasons to install a CCTV system in a company. When planning it is important to be aware of all the possible benefits to make the most of them. It is necessary to evaluate the objectives well, and take into account all the functions of the current systems so that the company can better plan the investment, and at once consider changes in processes and long-term effectiveness.

For large companies, the objectives are usually higher, and they need to obtain more benefits and improve several areas, and they must consider more advanced systems.

In order to take advantage of the possible benefits of a security system, and prevent and control risks and losses, it is important to cooperate with a professional supplier, who has the necessary experience and knowledge in the area and who becomes a technological partner of the future, with technical supports, maintenance, and future updates. Electro Alarma is a professional company in security systems, with years in the market. I


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