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The thermal camera, a plus in video security

The thermal camera a plus in video security

The thermal camera, a plus in video security

The thermal imaging camera  uses technology that has existed for many years, both in the military and in the business environment , but until now very expensive. Over time, this technology is democratizing and becoming more and more accessible .

Principles of operation of a thermal camera in video surveillance

What is thermal detection in CCTV: 

Thermal cameras work by determining the temperature emanating from a point in the camera’s field of view ( day or night : the image is the same , like a photo negative). They make it possible to detect an intrusion or a source of heat but in no case to distinguish a face and therefore to identify a person. These cameras are often used in addition to conventional shooting cameras . Thermal cameras are 99% reliable , they work in rain, fog, snow or even with the sun at its zenith.

How does a thermal detection camera work? 

The resolution of thermal cameras is usually 320 x 240 pixels, and at most 640 x 480 . This resolution allows for better temperature analysis, with 1 pixel point being one analyzable temperature point . The scanning distance is 150 meters and is controllable. These cameras are adjustable on many points, the optics are interchangeable , and to be adapted according to the configuration of the site . The larger the focal length, the longer the viewing range, but the camera has less of an angle.

Where to install your thermal cameras?

Thermal cameras can be found in different places, indoors or outdoors . For example, thermal cameras are installed in recycling centers, outside large premises, on banking sites, etc.

Do you want to install a thermal camera in the Lyon area?

Strengthen your security with thermal video security cameras. Indoors or outdoors, we install these thermal cameras in Lyon , Rhône-Alpes and beyond.

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