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Wedding Dress Shop Security Camera Irvine

Wedding Dress Shop Security Camera Irvine

Looking for Wedding Dress Shop Security Camera In Irvine? You are just in the right place. STARLIGHT is a company in Southern California specialized in electronic security, we have been operating for almost a decade in this market, performing installations, sales and maintenance of electronic security equipment, our target audience is: businesses, industries and homes, our main services are: installation of security cameras and alarms,


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Understand what digital security is and what are its benefits

Currently, the lack of security takes the tranquillity of most people who live in houses and buildings. Therefore, technological innovations have brought digital security to provide many benefits to our lives.

Digital security is the provision of protection through technological equipment. You will also have the advantage of having experienced technicians trained by manufacturers in the security market.

Below are some of the benefits for you to choose digital security. Good reading!

Digital intercom with video

We know that it is common for most properties to have some type of intercom, as this is a way to protect yourself from burglary. However, digital security offers you the digital video intercom.

Now, you have the combined solution between digital intercom systems and a network with monitors. This way, in addition to listening to the person’s voice, you will also see the image of the person communicating with you through the video.

Access control

The access control to restrict the entry of outsiders to the extent of your condo. With it, only those who have authorization can access the reserved area.

This will bring many benefits to residents, as it allows entry into restricted places by means of a keyring, card, password or biometrics. Remember that, in addition to having ample control over who circulates in the building, you will also have the history for monitoring.

automatic gates

One of the best benefits of digital security for the protection and convenience of residents is the use of automatic gates. With them, you can open and close your garage door without having to leave the vehicle.

In addition to comfort, this also brings a lot of protection, as manual gates tend to attract the presence of criminals who wait for the right moment to render victims.

electric locks

Another important benefit of digital security is the use of electric locks, as they offer much more protection than conventional models.

In addition, maintenance costs are reduced.

With electric locks, you have the convenience of the easy opening through voice commands, passwords and even biometrics. Plus, they have automatic closing, alarms and more! Don’t be left out of this!

Monitoring of security cameras in the cloud

Finally, we also have the monitoring of security cameras in the cloud as essential for the protection of your assets. This allows you to perform real-time monitoring with remote access via your smartphone or tablet.

You’ll still have a quality connection with remote recording of images, guaranteed by Amazon servers.

In addition, it has the maintenance and replacement of equipment at no cost.

So, in this post, we learned about what digital security is and what its benefits are for your home.

It is advisable that you try to install this equipment where you live for your protection, as well as that of all residents.

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