Security Camera

What Are The Advantages Of Security Camera?

Security Camera

What Are The Advantages Of a Security Cameras? If the cameras were previously used by companies to protect their property, they have now gained another market: that of individuals. It is indeed more and more common to see Security Cameras installed in private properties. This type of equipment is regulated by law, but everyone is free to install a camera at home, whether inside or outside the home. What advantages do Security Cameras promise and what are the criteria to study to choose the best model? This article explains everything you need to know!

How a Security Camera works

A Security Camera is a device that can film and transmit the filmed images. It is used to remotely monitor public or private space with the aim of ensuring a certain level of security. Of course, this security is not 100% guaranteed, it is above all a dissuasive tool. Businesses, accessible houses or any other place presenting a risk, make use of such a surveillance system to prevent potential burglaries.

We know 3 categories of cameras:

  • The wireless IP camera
  • wired IP camera
  • The analogue camera

The analogue type is the most widely used nowadays. It works by being connected by a cable to a television. The monitor (the TV) makes it possible to see the images in real-time while a recorder saves them on its side.

IP cameras, on the other hand, work with an internet connection. Do not hesitate to see these video surveillance kits to discover their performance. Their main asset lies in the quality of the images which are in high definition. These images are accessible on a smartphone thanks to the mobile application reserved for it.

Professionals will advise you to favour a camera with a wire because it can happen that interference occurs. This could affect the correct reception of images. It should not be forgotten either that the installation of a camera with wire requires the realization of some work, which can be a non-negligible constraint.

Why install a Security Camera?

The installation has many purposes depending on the use you want to make of it. Whether you want to remotely monitor a room during your absence or a dwelling for a temporary period, a Security Camera can have several purposes.

Protecting your property while on vacation

Many individuals want to protect their homes when they are away. IP cameras are interesting in this case since they allow remote control through an application or command.

In addition, motion detectors are configured in several rooms to ensure maximum security of the place. Opening detectors are also available for doors and windows. When the detectors detect movement, an alert is immediately sent to the owner. Some more efficient systems even take care of alerting the police at the same time as the owner. So you can go on a quiet long-term trip.

Supervise children or employees

Cameras can also be used to monitor that everything is going well in your home. If you have to go away and leave your children at home, the camera can reassure you and allow you to keep an eye on them. You can also watch the nanny or anyone else who works in your home. Be aware, however, that these people must know that they are being filmed in order to respect labour law.

How to choose a Security Camera?

The supply of Security Cameras is wide, so it is difficult to navigate. In order to choose the model adapted to your needs, it is necessary to precisely define these needs.

It is important in any case that the camera is discreet and that it is easily concealed. Devices that are too large are therefore to be avoided, at the risk of them being vandalized and you losing money in repairs.

The quality of the image is also an essential point because it allows, in the event of an intrusion, to have a readable and exploitable image. Otherwise, investing in a Security Camera would have been useless if the faces in the images are too blurry.

Finally, remember to check the resistance of the camera and in particular, its sealing. It is a technological device but must be able to withstand various weather conditions over the long term.


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