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What are the benefits of surveillance cameras?

benefits of surveillance cameras

What are the benefits of surveillance cameras?

Surveillance cameras have redefined the safety and security of homes and businesses. The range and options of surveillance cameras available in the market have encouraged their presence in more sites, areas, and facilities. Recent advances in security cameras and surveillance systems have raised the bar for security monitoring, management, and enforcement, and have helped thwart the most sophisticated thieves and criminals.

Prevent theft and illegal activities

The main purpose of installing surveillance cameras is to act as a deterrent to thieves, criminals, pickpockets, and unscrupulous people from committing theft and illicit activities. Security cameras are installed in homes, apartment buildings, condominiums, schools, college campuses, offices, stores, malls, and other public areas. These cameras monitor suspicious activity, stop break-ins, vandalism, and theft, and alert security officers to thieves in real-time. Personnel following open-panel cameras and systems in large venues can also inform local authorities of developing dangerous situations.

Ensuring security management in shopping malls

America’s famous and ubiquitous shopping malls, entertainment and recreation centers, and complexes, which defined urban and suburban growth from the 1950s onward, are generally scattered over large operational areas. It is difficult and expensive to keep armed security personnel in every corner of a mall. In more recent decades, mall owners and creators have installed surveillance cameras that can be controlled centrally, to monitor all aspects of security at a micro level, especially parking lots and outlying areas. Store and boutique owners of various shopping malls also install these cameras as a second-level protection measure.

Strengthen legal aspects/cases

New-generation surveillance cameras and extended central command systems can also record audio, sound, and voices. Sexual harassment and other forms of threatening and rude behavior in the workplace and on college campuses can be detected, and recordings are stored on camera systems. Audio recordings may be used to support legal claims in sexual harassment lawsuits. Employees who are caught stealing inventory, office supplies, and other material, and deny it or seek to file counter-claims, can be caught in court with surveillance video as evidence.

Surveillance of technology and data centers

Monitoring security in large data and technology centers has become a mandatory activity in the computing age. All commercial enterprises, big box stores, federal government agencies, and even small or medium businesses now maintain a large server room to facilitate smooth business operations. Gigabytes and terabytes of crucial information are in these data centers and servers. To control the movement of authorized personnel, workers, and other technical personnel, and prevent theft of critical storage devices, data, and other digital files, high-tech, meticulous camera systems are installed throughout these facilities.

Reduce insurance premiums and taxes

Security cameras, video surveillance, and related systems can lower insurance premiums over a long period of time, depending on the contracts signed with insurance companies and agents. The public records of these systems can also protect insurance companies from fraudulent claims of theft and robbery. Businesses can claim relevant tax deductions on the purchase of security cameras and surveillance systems.


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