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What Is Video surveillance?

What Is Video surveillance?

Video surveillance is a security system allowing the transmission of images in real-time or delayed.

Today, video surveillance is used by a large number of businesses, businesses, residences, and institutions. However, certain laws govern its use, and users must comply with them to avoid penalties. Video surveillance can consist of one or more surveillance cameras and can be combined with access control technologies to maximize its effectiveness. This security system makes it possible to protect and monitor a building or property while obtaining a substantial discount on the insurance premium.

Constant monitoring

Having video surveillance brings peace of mind to users since it allows constant monitoring.

Surveillance cameras can be linked to a control panel or a motion detector to warn homeowners that an intruder is near a property or building. An alarm can then go off to scare the individual away, and the police can also be dispatched to the scene.

Depending on the type of video surveillance, owners can see what is happening live from their smart devices such as:

  • A tablet;
  • A cell phone;
  • A laptop.

An obstacle for criminals

Video surveillance discourages criminals who would like to attack a building or property. Current law requires companies to notify people that they have a surveillance camera.

It is proven that thieves avoid breaking into places that are protected by surveillance cameras. The same goes for people wanting to cause damage to the exterior of a building or a vehicle.

A reduction in the insurance premium

Properties and businesses equipped with a video surveillance system can receive a discount that can vary from 5 to 25% on their insurance premium . Since these devices reinforce the security of a building, the risk rate becomes minimal in the eyes of insurers. Another reduction in the insurance premium can be observed if the surveillance cameras are paired with an alarm system or a fire detector.

Protection for employees and customers

CCTV not only protects employees but also business customers.

Since surveillance cameras monitor the premises and record the images, burglars generally avoid these places. Employees feel safe and can go about their business without hassle.

The customers of these businesses also feel safe, since surveillance cameras film the employees. Poor service and lack of respect from workers, therefore, become rarer, since the latter know that their boss can have access to the filmed images.


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