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Wired outdoor surveillance camera: is it a good choice?

Wired outdoor surveillance camera

Wired outdoor surveillance camera: is it a good choice?

Wired or wireless outdoor surveillance camera? This is the big question we ask ourselves when choosing our camera system. Question to which there is not a single answer: wired camera and wireless camera each have their interest, it all depends on the environment in which they are used.

While it may be tempting to opt for a wireless outdoor surveillance camera to avoid major work in your garden, your entrance, or your warehouses, this nevertheless requires reflection. Wired outdoor surveillance cameras have many advantages. What are they? And if you decide to equip yourself with a wired outdoor surveillance camera, which model should you choose? Securitas Direct answers you.

The advantages of the wired outdoor surveillance camera

Who says wired camera says wire, in this case, cable to connect the camera to the monitoring center and possibly to other security cameras. This involves making grooves and drilling the walls to install the surveillance cameras without the cables being visible in the outdoor space you are monitoring. If the process can be restrictive, it has the merit of being perfectly reliable once installed. Indeed, it will not be subject to the interference problems that wireless cameras can encounter.

Moreover, not being dependent on wifi, this video surveillance system can cover a large protection area, a significant advantage for large surfaces such as a large garden, a large terrace, or outdoor warehouses. Where wireless surveillance cameras are limited in terms of distance and area, wired IP cameras guarantee good image transmission even over large areas.

Another advantage: the transmission rate is much more stable with a cable system than with a wifi connection, which allows video recordings of better quality without any risk of interruption.

What about the budget side? Wired outdoor surveillance cameras are generally much cheaper to purchase than wireless outdoor surveillance cameras. But beware: to the equipment itself, you will have to add the cost of the work related to their installation if you want it to be done efficiently. Moreover, in the event that your security system is required to evolve (addition of new IP cameras, relocation of the monitoring center, integration of a new alarm siren or other security devices, etc.), it will be more difficult for you to move and modulate your wired video surveillance system than wireless outdoor surveillance cameras.

How to choose your wired outdoor surveillance camera?

Have you chosen a wired outdoor surveillance camera? It remains to decide which model of camera to choose. To ensure optimal outdoor surveillance, we recommend that you choose an outdoor surveillance camera with good night vision and high-definition images. An IP camera with a recorder is a plus to consolidating your security system.

Your outdoor surveillance camera plays a vital role in the operation of your protection system. To further enhance its effectiveness, the ideal is to connect it to a high-performance alarm system with a good motion and/or opening detector. Thus, in the event of an intrusion, the alarm siren is triggered and you have access to the images of the outside area that you are monitoring.


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