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Wireless surveillance camera: how to choose the right model?

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Wireless surveillance camera: how to choose the right model?

The wireless surveillance camera, the centerpiece of an alarm system connected to wifi! Our opinion: today’s wireless surveillance cameras include great smart features… and easy to use! So which wireless surveillance camera to choose for the home?

A wireless surveillance camera, yes, but an always connected camera!

The wireless surveillance camera belongs to wireless home security accessories. What do these types of products have in common? An operation that overcomes the classic connection to the mains (and therefore with wire). These accessories, including the surveillance camera, thus operate on batteries or on batteries and communicate using wifi, radio waves or the gsm network. A network that allows them to communicate with you wherever you are.

The best-of features of the wireless surveillance camera

  1. The connection of the camera to the wifi of the house: To be alerted in real time on your smartphone and to be able to act even remotely via the mobile security application.
  2. Facial recognition: To preserve the privacy of your loved ones at home.
  3. Motion detection: To combine surveillance and intrusion detection.
  4. Infrared night vision: For security that doesn’t stop at night.
  5. Automatic lighting: To combine surveillance and deterrence.
  6. Free use of the camera: For zero hidden costs.
  7. Weather resistance: For a durable outdoor wireless surveillance camera.
  8. The quality and resolution of the camera vision: To open the eye, and the good one!

Pair your surveillance camera to a wireless security system

One of the big advantages of a wireless alarm kit ? Its flexibility.

Before making your camera purchase, check that the chosen video surveillance product is compatible with other connected security accessories: motion detector , opening detector , alarm siren , connected doorbell , etc.

The price of a wireless surveillance camera connected to wifi

There are some very good affordable wireless surveillance cameras out there.
Take a look on the Internet to get your opinion and define your budget. The opportunity to assess the advisability of installing a complete wireless security system in addition to the surveillance camera (or cameras)!


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