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5 reasons to install video surveillance at home

reasons to install video surveillance at home

5 reasons to install video surveillance at home

Discover the benefits of installing CCTV in your home

installing video surveillance in your home has several advantages: deterring potential thieves, protecting your home, or even benefiting from reductions on your home insurance.

1. It’s a good deterrent

Installing a video surveillance system in your home initially has a deterrent effect. By affixing a sticker stating that your home is under video surveillance, or by having a clearly visible outdoor camera, you inform potential thieves of the risks they are taking and this may be enough to get them through.

2. It is a good means of protection

CCTV is also a good means of protection. Some companies like Starlight combine surveillance with 24/7 guarding and agent response services. You also have priority in the event of a call to the police, who will intervene quickly at your home. A reassuring solution, especially if you have children or for your elderly or disabled relatives.

3. It’s proof in case of a break-in

The videotapes from your CCTV camera can be used as proof to provide to your insurer or in the event of a dispute over the amount of your compensation. They allow you to have your home insurance guarantee work more quickly and to be fully compensated.

4. It’s a way to reassure yourself!

Are you going on vacation? Having a video surveillance system allows you to leave your home with peace of mind knowing that a third party can intervene in the event of an intrusion: a guard or member of the police. The sound of the siren, often correlated with this kind of device, will also alert the neighborhood. Finally, if the video surveillance is coupled with a smartphone application, as is often the case, you receive an alert immediately.

5. Discounts on home insurance

Some insurers offer a discount on the insurance premium if you install a video surveillance system. Their double dissuasive and protective aspect leads to a drop in thefts and other break-ins. The risk to be insured is therefore lower for insurers who sometimes pass this on to the amount of your premium.



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