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Advantages Of CCTV Cameras

Advantages Of CCTV Cameras?

What Are Advantages Of CCTV Cameras?

CCTV cameras are widely used these days . Whether in shops, cities or even professional buildings. They are a strong ally in securing property and people and protecting against acts of vandalism.

The purpose of these cameras in business 

CCTV cameras are technological systems that record activities. These recordings are saved on an external server or hard drive and managers can access these video captures in the event of a problem.

The benefits for businesses of owning surveillance cameras 

For companies, security cameras are beneficial and appreciated by leaders for the many advantages they offer. Businesses that own a camera see a decrease in internal and external theft, which usually results in lower insurance costs and most importantly creating a safe working environment. To sum up in a few words: video surveillance is a means of protecting company activity and providing a healthy environment for employees.  

Less frequent thefts with cameras that secure the premises

n the premises of businesses and shops, the number of thefts has increased dramatically in recent years with a peak in 2020 due to confinement and teleworking. The health crisis has forced companies to adapt and impose working from home in order to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, imposing less face-to-face on the premises, a real boon for malicious people! To fight against this unpleasant phenomenon, companies are increasingly equipped with cameras ensuring the security of the latter.

Suppliers of industrial security solutions offer systems to ensure the protection of the site . The primary characteristic of surveillance cameras is the protection of the defined area. This technology makes it possible to fight against unwanted intrusions into the premises and thus to fight against theft, whether committed by outsiders, but also by people within the company.

Dahua manufacturer’s protection solutions provide effective and reliable visual solutions. All surveillance cameras use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide companies with precise and predictive alerts in the event of an intrusion. In addition, AI can record certain detailed visual information to ensure efficient security for companies .

IPC-HFW4831T-ASE cameras , NVR5X-4K52 Series recorders and iDMSS and gDMMS software are cost-effective anti-intrusion solutions suitable for protecting corporate assets.

Pro Series cameras , NVR5X/4X-I Series recorders and DMSS Express software are premium solutions that guarantee effective security combined with AI. 

Employee safety is active with facial recognition

Facial recognition offers benefits in terms of enhanced employee security , as this technology helps screen people entering and exiting a building or area. Surveillance cameras recognize who is authorized to enter a specific area. As for unwanted people, an alarm is sent and the staff is notified. This technology allows companies to be reactive and operational in the event of an intrusion into a sensitive location and thus to ensure maximum security for employees.

The technology is based on powerful algorithms that capture faces in real time and compare them to the database. If an error is detected – including an unknown face that is not registered in the list – the protection camera takes the appropriate measures. 

In addition to ensuring employee safety, facial recognition helps control comings and goings at sensitive sites . One of the other advantages of this new technology is commercial. Indeed, some companies need to identify customers in order to make operations more fluid and above all to offer a positive customer experience, thus improving the image of the company.

Beyond companies, the video surveillance system is also used in public transport, shopping centers, cities or even universities.

The Dahua brand offers several solutions such as the DHI-DSS-Pro which makes a link with the alarm according to facial features. The DHI-IVS-F7500 camera which, thanks to its database, recognizes faces and finally, the DH-IPC-HF8231F camera which has infrared face recognition, day and night.

To summarize…

These security devices offer many advantages to companies. First of all, these products are quick and simple to install. Once the company has chosen to install cameras, the installation of these cameras is very fast . However, it is complicated to give a deadline, because it depends on the needs of the company and also on the size of the premises. In addition, you should know that the cameras are discreet and fit perfectly into the decor of the company.

In addition to these benefits, the cameras are inexpensive while providing economic benefits to businesses. Indeed, companies save money on damage related to theft. For companies, thefts prevent the activity from being carried out and sometimes the production chain can be stopped because of these crimes. A huge loss for the company! In addition, if necessary, the images captured by the camera can be used as evidence before the competent authorities.

Finally, they create a safer workplace, employees feel safe and they do not fear being robbed or having their vehicles vandalized, for example.

A video surveillance device is not intended to replace an alarm system. The two are complementary, and in this case the first level of alert lies in the alarm that the video completes to remove any doubt or confirm a threat in the event of a trigger.


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