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How to choose your surveillance camera?

How to choose surveillance camera

How to choose your surveillance camera?

Today, a surveillance camera is no longer reserved exclusively for businesses. As an individual, you can install this device to secure your home. Infrared camera, IP camera, wireless camera, outdoor camera… How to choose your equipment?

In order to choose your surveillance camera as well as possible, various technical characteristics must be considered: image quality, brightness, and viewing angle… We present to you the main questions to ask yourself before making your choice.

Analog camera or IP camera: our opinion

When you decide to install a video surveillance system in your home, the first question to ask yourself concerns the characteristics of your camera. There are two main types of surveillance cameras:

  1. The analog camera is connected by a coaxial cable to a television, or monitor, on which the images are displayed live. The screen, often associated with a storage device, makes it possible to record images. The recording is limited in duration if you decide to record via a VCR. However, analog cameras can be connected to an analog recorder to save memory and therefore storage. We recommend this second type of recording for professional CCTV systems.
  2. The IP camera is connected to an internet network via wifi or via an Ethernet cable. The video surveillance cameras are then connected to a server equipped with video surveillance software. The latter makes it possible to view or record the images filmed in real-time, on a computer or on a smartphone.

Choosing the right surveillance camera analog cameras are mainly found in shops or professional premises, while IP cameras are often preferred in private homes. The latter is also less expensive, and easier to install and use than analog cameras.

Indoor camera or outdoor camera?

The choice of the type of surveillance camera to install in your home depends on the use you want to make of it. Do you want to secure the front of your house, your huge garden, or even the entrance to your garage? An exterior camera, intelligently placed, will allow you to be alerted even before a suspicious individual interferes on your property. On the other hand, if your goal is to monitor your children when you go shopping, an indoor camera will be more appropriate. The latter will allow you to keep an eye on what is happening at home, while you are not there!

If you wish to install an outdoor camera, we advise you to check its waterproofness, the degree of resistance to bad weather (in particular resistance to drops in temperature) as well as the ability to film day and night.

The surveillance camera alerts you in the event of an intrusion

A video surveillance system is made up of several surveillance cameras, indoor or outdoor, that you place in strategic places in your home. Such a system allows you to:

  1. Deter potential intruders. Indeed, the vision of surveillance cameras tends to stop potential thieves before they break into your home.
  2. In the event of an intrusion, alert the competent law enforcement authorities. Most surveillance cameras have a motion detector that triggers an alarm of several decibels. In the event of an intrusion, the alarm sounds, you are alerted on your mobile phone, and security agents can intervene.
  3. If a theft is committed, you will have proof of the break-in and of the stolen items. We advise you to send this video to your insurance.

Thanks to surveillance cameras: protect your children from a distance

When you install surveillance cameras in your home, you have access to live vision 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via your smartphone. Thus, more and more individuals are adopting video surveillance to monitor their children when they are alone in the home or in the company of a babysitter. Some systems, like indoor cameras.

Surveillance cameras and home support

Many older people live alone. Even if they are totally independent, the situation of an elderly relative is always worrying. How do I know there is no problem? How to be alerted in the event of a dangerous situation such as a bad fall? An indoor surveillance camera, placed in the home of your elderly parents, will allow you to be reassured and to intervene if the situation requires it.

The CCTV camera is a good way to check from your phone, day or night, that your parents are doing well. Indeed, an indoor camera has many advantages:

  • The surveillance camera is sensitive to sound. If your loved one falls and starts screaming, the camera automatically alerts you,
  • The surveillance camera also alerts you to unusual behavior. A lack of movement in the living room during the morning? The indoor camera notices it and sends you an alert text.



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