Advantages of Structured Cabling for 2022

Advantages of Structured Cabling

A company that wants to succeed in the corporate world needs all its areas to work in harmony to always achieve the best results. With this, it is common for organizations to make constant changes, which require the reorganization of sectors, thus, it is necessary to use the advantages of structured cabling so that there are no major problems.

In this way, a structured cabling system has all its planning done based on the accommodation of the frequent changes, additions and alterations that the company may have during its development. Given this scenario, do you want to know a little more about it?

Then continue reading the article and learn about everything that involves this type of system and also what are the advantages of structured cabling.

What is structured cabling? 

First of all, as previously mentioned, structured cabling seeks to bring greater organization and quality to a company’s network. Therefore, this type of system is nothing more than the name given to the system of cables, connectors, conductors and devices that allow the establishment of a telecommunications infrastructure in a building.

With this, the installation and characteristics of this model of communication system must strictly follow and comply with some standards to really be part of the structured cabling condition. Thus, by following a pre-established standard, structured cabling makes it possible for this type of system to offer installation flexibility and independence from vendors and protocols.

Thus, using this network model in the current business market is essential to maintain a competitive advantage over competitors. It is necessary to recognize the importance of this fact about the enterprises and how much they can be optimized through the use of this technology.

Advantages of using structured cabling in your business

Now that you know a little more about the definition of what a structured cabling system is, the time has come to know the benefits that this system can bring to a telecommunications network in 2019. Therefore, see below 5 advantages of structured cabling :

1 – Better management

One of the first advantages of structured cabling that can be noticed when adopting a structured cabling system is the better control and management of the entire network. Once the cabling is in place, it will no longer be necessary to have a large team to keep your data centre structure under control.

With a smaller number of professionals, it will be possible to manage the system smoothly, since everything will present an organization and uniform distribution. So, again pointing out, when it is necessary to make any alteration or change in the structure of the system, a shorter work time will be necessary, in addition to the execution of a more efficient service.

2 – Higher ROI for the company 

A second benefit of the structured cabling system arises from the possibility that the system offers to unify the most different forms of communication within a network, that is, to aggregate voice, data and video in a single transmission. In this way, with the centralization of the structure, there is a reduction in the need to carry out some type of update, in addition to the fall in the costs assigned to maintenance.

Therefore, structured cabling allows the occurrence of a great ROI, from the English return on investment which in literal translation means the return on investment. That is, from the amount invested for the cabling of the entire network to be structured, it is possible to benefit by reaching high levels of profitability.

3 – Structure ready for new expansions

As mentioned before, but with a great degree of relevance when it comes to structured cabling, the ready possibility of making new expansions is the third advantage of adopting this infrastructure model for a company’s network. This aspect is due to the greater bandwidth used in the cabling, which means that the system will be able to support future company applications.

Thus, even when the proposed updates are more daring, such as multimedia or videoconferencing, for example, companies can rest assured that the change will occur without causing major disruptions to the current system. In addition, it is also a guarantee that the network will not be so outdated in a short time.

4 – Greater system flexibility

Unlike multi-cabling systems, structured cabling consolidates an infrastructure in which all cables are connected to the main point that transfers network data in multiple formats. This allows the network to be a point of concern and you can focus on what matters most within the business.

In addition, this greater flexibility also makes it easier to dismantle the system and move it to a new location if necessary, such as a headquarters change of address, for example.

5 – Improvement of the aesthetic part of the corporate environment

Another advantage of structured cabling for 2019 is related to the aesthetic aspect that this structure brings. This system has a greater ability to create a clean environment than the point to point system, directly impacting the look of your company.

Thus, employees are able to perform their function with better quality, as they are not disturbed by cables, visitors and customers of the company have a better image of the business due to the organization and management of the entire company becomes easier. .

6 – Greater durability of the cabling system

Last but not least, the sixth advantage that structured cabling offers is the greater durability of the cables used. Thus, even though this system may have a higher acquisition cost, in the long term it becomes more viable than common cabling since it will not be necessary to carry out successive changes, which usually happens with this other option.


In short, the advantages of structured cabling converge to transform the corporate environment into a more organized place with easier network management. In addition, this model directly influences the levels of profitability of the business, boosting the company’s numbers.

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