What Are Computer Cabling Solutions?

Computer Cabling Solutions

What Are Computer Cabling Solutions?Do you want to install a computer network in your building? There are 3 types of computer cabling solutions: optical fibre for infrastructure, copper cabling for workstations and WiFi (Wireless) for travel within your facilities. Each of them has advantages and STARLIGHT will tell you which is best for you.

Learn more about the different types of computer cabling.

The optical fibre

Optical fibre is an important communication cable made up of several optical fibres that are used for data transmission. These are transmitted in the form of pulses of light that pass through tiny glass tubes.

There are Singlemode and multimode fibre optic cables. Single-mode optical fibre has a smaller core and can propagate only one light ray at a time over greater distances. Multimode fibre optic cable has a larger core that can carry multiple light rays at once over shorter distances.

Fibre optic cable performs better than copper cable. It can deliver the same types of signals, but with wider bandwidth, faster speed, and higher frequencies.

Copper wiring also called twisted pair

Twisted pair is a type of computer wiring in which two conductors of the same circuit are twisted together. This feature helps provide protection against crosstalk. There are shielded (STP) and unshielded (UTP) twisted-pair cables. Shielded cables (STP) have metal foil wrapped inside each pair of wires. This gives them higher noise resistance than unshielded twisted pairs.

The most used UTP cables are Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7. Learn the difference between CAT6 and CAT6a cables.


Wireless technologies have progressed exponentially in recent years, especially wifi, being more and more sophisticated and indispensable. It allows computer devices such as computers and smartphones to be connected to the computer network by radio waves.

STARLIGHT is a leader in the installation of high-performance wi-fi for businesses. We have proven products and with our purchasing power, we offer the most interesting solutions of all sizes.

Our computer cabling installation service

Do you need to have computer cabling installed? Our experts are at your service to install your structured cabling system in your building. Contact us and we will offer you quotes.

Why trust STARLIGHT?

For over 5 years, STARLIGHT has provided cabling services to support American business operations. We have qualified professionals to offer you advice in order to integrate innovative technological solutions to support your growth.

Our mission is to provide you with innovative technological ideas, and state-of-the-art communications infrastructures while respecting and protecting the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

STARLIGHT maximizes, globalizes and concretizes communications in one of the most complete concepts.

If You are living in Southern California Contact STARLIGHT to discuss your needs, We would be happy to propose a solution


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