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Benefits of video surveillance via digital cameras

Benefits of video surveillance via digital cameras

Benefits of video surveillance via digital (IP) cameras

Digital video surveillance is a technology that is developing considerably. Although it has many advantages, this solution is not widely used compared to the analog system. Focus on IP CCTV cameras .

What is a digital camera?

Equipped with very advanced technology, digital cameras operate through a computer network using cables or via a wifi network. This connection connects them to a high-performance recording system that filters, compresses and digitizes the images. All of this data is stored on a computer, and no other equipment is needed to set up the system. To be even more efficient, you can use image processing software to view your company premises in real time from your computer or smartphone.

Who are IP cameras for?

IP digital cameras are ideal to meet the needs of VSEs and SMEs. When you only have one to three cameras to install, going digital makes perfect sense.

In this video surveillance system , the cameras are connected to each other, even if the company is located in different places (including internationally). Companies that already have a powerful computer network can configure their system to adapt it to the implementation of video surveillance using digital technology.

How IP CCTV Cameras Work

The installation of digital cameras is carried out on a computer network (internet, intranet, LAN or other networks). These video surveillance devices are connected to a server in order to be able to find the images and save them on a hard disk. Note that digital cameras are also compatible with an analog system.

It is also possible to zoom the images to see the details. In addition, access to information is perfectly secure thanks to the use of a password.

Use of digital CCTV cameras

The use of IP video surveillance is not the same for all companies. It varies according to your needs and your activity. You can set recording for 24 hours a day or you can schedule triggering by alarms.

Other possible options: triggering simultaneous photo taking, sending alerts by SMS, but also coupling the video surveillance system with the existing alarm system.

The advantages of video surveillance via digital cameras

The use of digital IP cameras has many advantages.

Video surveillance technology via ip camera ensures remote control of cameras. So you can enable or disable them. Several features are achievable including focus, exposure shutter mode as well as motorized travel. Remember that this system has been intelligently designed to meet all future needs. Namely that the commands and specifics of the cameras are implemented in the video surveillance software . So you get quick and easy system upgrades without having to buy new equipment.

In addition, the installation of a digital video surveillance system does not require too much work and the configuration can be carried out remotely. However, a technician must intervene to configure the networks.

Last strong point of this technology, and not the least: the economic aspect of the installation of video surveillance on IP . Indeed, the cost of setting up is lower than that of analog cameras. For the simple reason that the material is less expensive than the equipment used in “classic” installations. In short, for a small installation of 1 to 3 cameras, if you already have a computer network, the design of a digital system is much more advantageous.



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