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IP cameras come in two categories  : wired or wireless cameras. But how do you know if wired models are more suitable for business premises than wifi ones? Several parameters must be taken into account to make a decision with confidence. Indoors and outdoors, your needs are specific. Here are some key points to help you select the most appropriate type of IP camera for your business .

Wired or wifi cameras: which is the right choice?

An IP camera is a digital camera. It uses the Internet transmission protocol to send data: video streams, command signals. By default, the IP camera designates a wired camera , that is to say equipped with an Ethernet cable (RJ45). However, a wireless camera also communicates via IP .

Even though the two categories of cameras have different characteristics, they also have many advantages derived from this common device.

IP in video surveillance: powerful with or without wires


With IP, Internet Protocol in English,  security cameras  operate autonomously in a local or remote network. The video streams are then visible from a web browser, on a NAS server interface, a mobile application. This communication method makes it possible to control the cameras remotely . This is why it is particularly effective in a professional video surveillance system.


For your company, ADS GROUP Security recommends the IP solution. This technology offers the freedom to combine several CCTV devices thanks to the universal ONVIF language. This standard ensures the compatibility of digital cameras, network video recorders (NVR or DVR) and management software. Thus, the elements communicate with each other even if they come from different manufacturers.

A scalable configuration

Thanks to this flexibility, ADS GROUP Security offers you to upgrade your existing installation without major constraints. During his visit, our adviser identifies the equipment to be kept. When feasible, new equipment incorporates them to allow you to optimize the initial investment. Once the installation is done, the configuration of your video surveillance can be carried out remotely. Updates are simple and automatic. In the event of an anomaly, diagnosis is faster. For remote maintenance, assistance is facilitated. Thus, you benefit from an operational system at all times.


The flexibility of the installations is total . Wired, an extension with other cameras is always possible thanks to the addition of a remote switch. This box with Ethernet ports connect them in a network to cover all your spaces. The wifi bridge provides this function for wireless cameras. You adjust your infrastructure on demand . The range of IP cameras is also the most advanced among manufacturers. This constantly evolving variety makes it possible to precisely meet all your needs.

Namely: Analog systems were the first to be developed. But they are no longer considered an ideal CCTV solution for professionals. It will be noted that the HDCVI adapts in an optimal way this type of wired network. Companies looking for security rely more on the choice of IP. Its evolution is also faster, it is a real freedom for the overhaul of an infrastructure .

Ethernet or wifi camera: which is the best technology for the pros?

Enjoy the benefits of Wi-Fi

It’s a fact recognized by all professional video surveillance experts : wired cameras are more reliable. After installation, your device will work perfectly on its own. Once the configuration is optimized, regular maintenance is not required.

Less stable, slower, wireless technology is more prone to interference than a conventional wired connection. With Wifi, many elements are likely to disturb the connection :

  • The network of neighboring businesses, businesses in your area
  • Other devices connected via WiFi
  • Major obstacles between transmitter and receiver

As you move around, you can notably observe the intensity of the wifi signal. It is higher or lower depending on where you are. The range is more limited than wired: the responsiveness, the quality of the video encoding are sometimes affected. With a router close to your camera and few harmful disturbances, this device can be satisfactory .

Depending on the location of the site, the wifi camera can be an interesting complementary solution to cover all the spaces. Taking into account the viewing distances, the cameras can communicate with each other thanks to a secure wifi bridge . But with buildings spread over a very large area, the latency may be too high, the signal fluctuating and weakening.

The strengths of the wired system

The installation of wired cameras sometimes requires work. They will be more or less important depending on the existing wiring. If your room is already equipped with Ethernet connections, adaptation and installation will be easier. Getting started with your video surveillance will be simplified.

On the other hand, in some cases, the investment may be more substantial. But it’s a real investment for your business. Protecting yourself against damage is more profitable in the long term than a small saving on installation costs. In wired IP solution, you have access to very innovative models. For the most efficient, there is no equivalent in WiFi technology.

At ADS Group Security, we offer, for example, a camera capable of providing excellent quality color images at night . This device delivers impressive performance in low light or total darkness. Visibility is guaranteed, moreover, in degraded weather, thanks to a very high resolution of 2 megapixels. In addition, equipped with artificial intelligence, this model integrates advanced applications such as:

  • Capturing faces
  • Support 6 types of targeted information
  • Intrusion with classification of individuals, vehicles
  • People counting  (by delimitation or by area)
  • Perimeter protection, line crossing (recommended for outdoor parks)


Would you like to know more about our professional wired cameras with advanced technology? Contact one of our ADS GROUP Security advisers to receive a tailor-made offer.

An installation in line with your needs

Analysis of the sites to be monitored indoors and outdoors

The criteria for selecting the ideal IP camera are multiple. First, you need to determine your priorities and constraints. As seen above, the wired system, more reliable and more stable, is to be preferred wherever possible. The study of your premises is then the other parameter to consider. This step will define the best sizing and an optimized configuration . The specifications of your project will naturally result from this.

Some situations are sometimes easy to analyze. Let’s take the example of an SME company installed in a new building. There are several offices spread over various floors. Its personnel and recent computer equipment must be protected at all times. The Ethernet network is already in place.

Our adviser will recommend without hesitation a security system made up of several wired cameras. No interference or hacking will disrupt its operation. The choice therefore becomes obvious for this professional looking for high-performance video surveillance.

Some companies wish to monitor their outdoor spaces: car park, relaxation area, access path, etc . Equipping these areas requires a rigorous examination of the terrain and the possibilities of connection to the digital and electrical networks. ADS Group Security makes every effort to offer you the installation of wired cameras adapted to these particular conditions :

  • Waterproofing (against humidity, rain)
  • Weather resistance (high heat, frost, strong winds, etc.)
  • Robustness against damage thanks to strong anti-vandalism materials

The cables will always be protected to ensure a connection without risk of cutting. We will circumvent, as much as possible, the technical constraints. Our expertise and the variety of our equipment allow us to install an effective solution for you in all circumstances.

Which IP camera device for local shops?

Craftsmen, owners of local shops, or VSEs, you are looking for a video surveillance system appropriate to your situation. Installing wired cameras can be complicated to set up. ADS GROUP Security advisers can, however, respond to your request with a complete security system.

The choice of a wifi camera is sometimes necessary for its practicality , even if this security system is less secure for professionals. Our experts can install wired cameras via wifi bridges. They guarantee you a good connection in all circumstances.

we combine them with the anti-intrusion alarm system . To strengthen the protection of your premises, they are thus connected to a central alarm, detectors, an intercom system . You benefit from high-performance equipment that combines:

  •  listening,
  • voice call
  • transmission of information in real time.


With Télévisiosurveillance® IP cameras, your site is protected remotely against attacks or burglaries. Deterrence is effective. In addition, the images allow a live doubt removal  by our remote monitoring operator  . This complete security solution is specifically recommended to simplify your life as a manager .

ADS GROUP Security supports you in your video surveillance project with IP cameras . We advise you at each stage to help you not make mistakes. We will define with you a global monitoring program and a system sized for your company.


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