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Benefits Of Solar Surveillance Camera

Benefits Of Solar Surveillance Camera

Benefits Of Solar Surveillance Camera: economical and ecological

The surveillance of a building, for private or professional use, is a reassuring and dissuasive element which makes it possible to limit the risk of break-ins. This protection device has evolved over the years to offer new technologies. Some cameras today are made up of small solar panels, thus allowing an economical and simple surveillance system to be set up in isolated places or places that do not have the appropriate electrical connection. Let’s discover surveillance cameras with solar panels together!

Introducing a Solar Powered Surveillance System

Installing surveillance cameras is an essential step for anyone wishing to properly protect their home or business from intruders. Wireless surveillance cameras are placed as objects that are particularly easy to use and install. Operating with lithium batteries, rechargeable using solar energy , this device is totally autonomous. Depending on the model chosen, you can have access to different features:

  • lighting triggered by motion detectors
  • an infrared camera for better night vision
  • more or less storage capacity depending on your needs
  • a waterproof camera filming in high definition

Regardless of where you want to install a solar surveillance camera, it is subject to a few rules in order to comply with the legislation in force .

What are the advantages of a solar surveillance camera?

To install a security camera, you have to find the right angle to film the most vulnerable areas, while having an electric current supply to operate the devices and a wire long enough to connect the whole thing. Many elements that are sometimes difficult to bring together. Solar monitoring systems have features that are just as interesting as a traditional model. Like a wired camera, a solar camera:

  • can be connected to the Wi-Fi network and can be configured remotely using an application available on Android and IOS
  • is waterproof and can be installed in different places that are not necessarily covered.
  • breaks down less often: malfunctions are, in most cases, due to a wire problem. With a wireless camera, that will never happen.

This solar-powered device is then positioned as an ecological, economical and sustainable installation. Like traditional cameras, solar models offer various trigger modes:

  • manual: you are the initiator of taking a photo or triggering the cameras.
  • permanent: the camera records the images without interruption.
  • programmed: the camera is triggered only during previously defined time slots.

Whatever your expectations in terms of video surveillance, solar cameras adapt to all your constraints.


How does a solar security camera work?

The operation of this type of device is relatively simple:

  1. The solar panel captures the sun’s rays.
  2. Photovoltaic cells transform solar energy into direct current.
  3. Direct current passes through an inverter to become alternating current.

A solar camera works with a current of at least 12 volts. If you are purchasing the camera and solar panel independently, consider checking the current flowing out of the solar panel to ensure your camera is working properly.


Why buy a surveillance camera with solar panels?

Do you want to secure your home or business with a surveillance camera system? Unfortunately, it is difficult for you to install them in the most suitable places? With a solar surveillance camera, the installation of such a device is simplified:

  • you do not need to have a power outlet nearby: thanks to its solar panel, this type of camera can be positioned anywhere outdoors.
  • you don’t need to drill a hole in the wall or make any electrical connections to install your camera and keep it working properly.
  • no wire protrudes or is visible: if this aesthetic aspect is appreciable, it also limits the risk of accidents, such as falls, as well as breakdowns.

Easy and quick to install, surveillance cameras with solar panels are ideal for monitoring a front door, a garden or a construction site. Thanks to very low maintenance, this solution is also appreciated for monitoring a second home without too many constraints.

How to install a solar surveillance camera?

Are you considering purchasing a solar camera and wondering if its installation is not too complex? Quite the contrary! Prefer places exposed to direct sunlight to set up the support for your camera and obtain optimal battery charging. An area that is too shaded could affect charging and therefore the proper functioning of your camera. These devices cannot, however, be installed in all regions. If you live in an area where storms and hailstorms are frequent, we recommend that you opt for a different and more suitable system. Indeed, solar panels are sensitive to this type of bad weather and may not be able to withstand it.

Ultimately, surveillance cameras with solar panels are ideal autonomous surveillance accessories for those who want to save energy, do not want to make an electrical connection or want to keep an eye on isolated places without electricity.



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