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Camera surveillance increases the security of your business and its personnel. Indeed, the camera surveillance system allows the recording of images, by means of surveillance cameras, for later consultation.

The strategic location of the surveillance cameras will allow you to capture excellent quality images that can be easily analyzed and, if necessary, used as evidence with the authorities. The design and installation of a surveillance camera system by ASC Sécurité can also make you realize substantial savings on your annual insurance costs.

ASC Sécurité is able to meet all of your needs with its wide range of surveillance cameras. Whether for indoor or outdoor surveillance needs, in more difficult lighting conditions, whether for concealed or programmed scanning cameras, or to cover any other need, our advisers will be able to offer you the camera that will meet each of your specific expectations.

We will also be able to suggest the digital recorder of images captured by your cameras that will best suit your needs. Depending on your needs, it will be possible to consult your recordings and view them locally or remotely via the Internet.



The digital recorder, commonly called NVR (Network Video Recorder), stores images captured by surveillance cameras on a hard drive.

The advantages of digital recording are numerous:
  • No daily handling required
  • Image quality is enhanced
  • Copy and playback processes preserve image quality
  • Searching is made easier with pixel-based search technology, capable of detecting motion in a specific image section
  • TCP/IP function allows remote recording access and real-time viewing
  • Recording video clips specific to the triggering of an alarm
  • The link to the alarm center relays these video clips instantaneously, so that operators can assess the situation and act quickly
  • At ASC Sécurité, you will find a full range of digital recorders. Our advisors will be able to help you make the right choice.



Analytical video surveillance takes advantage of the latest technological innovations in commercial security to provide increased protection for your business and your employees.

CCTV is…


Proactive monitoring

The analysis capacity of analytical video surveillance systems makes it possible to filter the mass of information captured by your various surveillance cameras in order to identify only the events deemed relevant, and this in real time. While traditional video surveillance systems are content to capture misdeeds, analytical video surveillance allows you to act at the very moment the threat is detected.

Ultra-sophisticated analytical capabilities

While a simple surveillance camera simply captures images and displays them on a monitor, analytical video surveillance uses complex algorithms to filter data from surveillance cameras and thus identify relevant information in real time. Thus, video surveillance systems can thus distinguish vehicles from individuals, frame the image to follow suspicious individuals, or even trace abandoned luggage in an airport. Some companies even use analytical video surveillance to conduct marketing studies, for example by counting the average number of individuals in a department, or even calculating the time spent in front of a particular stand.

A cost effective alternative to security guards

The processing of alarms detected by your analytical video surveillance system can be carried out remotely, by our ULC-approved remote monitoring center.

Easy and affordable installation

If the implementation and configuration of an analytical video surveillance system require the intervention of security professionals, technology today allows the deployment of decentralized surveillance camera systems. This results in a faster and less expensive installation.

The ability to upgrade existing systems

Companies that have recently invested in implementing a surveillance camera system will be happy to learn that upgrading to analytical video surveillance can be done while retaining the existing infrastructure.

Discover the many benefits of analytical video surveillance.

Have you ever experienced any of the following situations in the course of your activities? If so, analytical video surveillance may be for you.

  • You have been the victim of theft or vandalism;
  • Investigations following these offenses are long and tedious due to the analysis gaps of your current video surveillance system;
  • You want to prevent this type of incident rather than act afterwards;
  • You employ security guards and/or patrollers;
  • You doubt the performance and efficiency of the security service;
  • You want to control access to a specific security perimeter;
  • You need to monitor multiple sites, and are looking for a way to avoid duplicating monitoring costs;
  • You want to analyze the behavior of individuals on a site.

Are you interested in analytical video surveillance?

Contact ASC Sécurité for more information on our analytical video surveillance solutions. We will be happy to answer your questions and support you in your process of obtaining a state-of-the-art analytical video surveillance system.

See analytical video surveillance in action!

We invite you to visit our corporate blog to read our post on analytical video surveillance. In particular, you will find short video clips demonstrating some features of interest.


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