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Connected camera: your home under surveillance

Connected camera: your home under surveillance

Connected camera: your home under surveillance

The connected camera provides security and protection for your home. Easy to install, this camera is often connected to the wifi network, allowing you to view the video from your browser or on an application on your smartphone. Such a device is part of the development of the connected home and allows you to monitor it.

What is a connected camera used for?

A connected camera is used to collect video of your home to ensure its security. This system allows access to live video on the application of a smartphone, to program start-up times. Finally, the images generated by these security systems are often available in an internet cloud. The democratization of the connected camera is part, in France as in Europe, of the development of the connected and intelligent home.


The different types of connected cameras

There are different connected cameras, to be chosen according to the use you will make of them. You should also choose your security system based on where you plan to install it in your home.

A connected camera for the outdoors

Depending on where you want to install your camera, you need to pay attention to certain characteristics. For example, if you want to set up a security system for the exterior of your house, you must check the waterproofness of your camera. A standard exists for this: the IP64 standard. In the same way, you must take care to protect your camera from vandalism.

A camera connected wired or wirelessly

You also have to choose between a wired camera (connected via an ethernet cable) and a wireless camera (connected via wifi).

The wired camera has the advantage of being safe by not being subject to wave interference. On the other hand, such a camera requires a cable and makes it complex to install.

Besides, the wireless camera uses the wifi network. It is therefore quick and easy to install but requires a good signal.

Storing video with a connected camera

Several modalities for storing the video recorded by the camera are available. The connected camera allows you to have access to the video stream in real time. This is a very useful feature but you might need to save the video. As a result, some cameras will allow you to record video to usb media or SD card. Others are directly connected to a cloud and allow you to access the recording history via your web browser or on your smartphone (via an application on ios or android).

Which connected camera to choose?

There is a wide variety of choices for a connected camera. Here we provide you with a small comparison linked to our tests in order to assist you in your choice of surveillance system for your home.

The Nest Cam

The Nest Cam is the connected camera developed by Google’s subsidiary dedicated to home automation. Its installation is extremely easy: just scan the QR code on its back with your phone and connect the camera to wifi. The video is high quality and in hd. If you want more details on this connected camera, you can go to our article about it.

Netatmo’s Welcome connected camera

The Netatmo Welcome connected camera has a particularly elegant aluminum design. This is a smart camera that will activate when there is movement. The recovery of the video is done via an SD card. It is easy to install and is connected to wifi or via an ethernet cable. It has good night vision, but is not recommended for monitoring animals or companies.

The Netatmo Presence connected camera

The Netatmo presence connected camera has very good image quality. It is also equipped with an LED projector with presence detector for the night.

Netgear’s Arlo connected camera

The Netgear Arlo camera is a waterproof connected camera (indoor and outdoor). This small white camera is ready to withstand large temperature differences (from -10° to 50°C). The only problem with this device is that it requires a home base. This can accommodate 15 cameras and you can install 3 of them in your house (i.e. 45 cameras). The Plus version also allows connection to a wired network and the integration of an SD card.

The P24 Connect remotely monitored camera

The P24 Connect camera is a video surveillance solution offered by Protection 24. This product also allows you to benefit from video surveillance on your smartphone, with continuous live stream, in order to observe your home whenever you wish. This camera is easy to install, and works by subscription. The biggest advantage is the remote monitoring service included, with intervention of an agent and call of the forces in the event of an alert in your absence,

Other cameras for home surveillance

There are other choices for a connected camera. These cameras are less widespread but have interesting characteristics:

  • Logi Circlewhich has very good image quality. Its rendering is satisfactory and the integration of an autonomous battery makes this model relevant in the event of a power cut.
  • Yi Technology Home Camerawhose price is around 50€. It is distinguished by good image quality and free video recovery. The filmed images are available live or are recorded.
  • D-Link DCS-960 Lwith a 180° angle and a quality image, day or night.
  • AwoX Camlightwhich is a 360° motorized connected camera. It is equipped with a motion sensor and records the video on an SD card or on a cloud.


Where to buy a connected camera?

To buy your connected camera, you can go to stores like Darty and Leroy Merlin to have a variety of choices in the home security department.

You can also go to Amazon where you will benefit from customer reviews.

Finally, you can choose to go directly to the manufacturers’ sites.


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