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Dome Camera Benefits

Dome Camera Benefits

Dome Camera Benefits.

Dome cameras are discreet camera models capable of capturing high quality images. Typically installed indoors, dome cameras can also be mounted outdoors. Here is an overview of the advantages of this type of camera, the possible functionalities as well as the indicative prices.

What is a dome camera?

The dome camera is a compact IP camera installed inside a glass dome, in the shape of a half-sphere, with a base that houses the wiring. It is generally fixed to the ceiling, and the camera is located under the base of the dome, pointing downwards.

In some cases, it is also possible to fix this type of camera on a wall, or even on a pole, using a brace.

As it uses IP technology, the dome camera is connected to the local internet network. This allows you to view its images from a computer or your phone.



Thanks to its size, height and robustness, the dome camera is ideal for monitoring a place to prevent vandalism. Indeed, its cupola is very solid and it is difficult to sabotage it. In addition, the objective is invisible thanks to the glass of the dome. Intruders will therefore not know if they are being filmed or in which direction the camera is pointing. Compact and discreet, this camera does not disfigure the room where it is installed. It is also less visible than other types of surveillance cameras.

The dome camera has a very wide viewing angle, which increases the likelihood that intruders will be filmed. It is also weatherproof, and it can be perfectly installed outdoors. This makes it possible to monitor the garden, the entrance of the house or the front of an office. Finally, it is easy to install. You can do this yourself, but don’t be afraid to hire a professional installer for advice. In addition, you will be certain that the installation will be done quickly and without errors. Via the quotes page , you can request quotes from contractors, free of charge and without obligation.

Dome Camera Models

There are many dome camera models on the market, with all sorts of additional options. Here is an overview of these features, which can of course be combined.


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