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Dummy camera: effectiveness, advantages, disadvantages, installation.

Dummy camera effectiveness

Dummy camera: effectiveness, advantages, disadvantages, installation.

Is a fake surveillance camera effective? The answer is yes.

The dummy surveillance camera helps prevent many crimes. Mounted in prominent places, these cameras are not connected to anything. They are mostly battery operated and sometimes have a few flashing lights or other features to make them look like they are monitoring a security perimeter.

How to recognize a dummy camera?

It is almost impossible to recognize a fake outdoor or indoor surveillance camera from a real one.

Many burglars changed their minds after spotting a fake security camera staring them straight in the eye. With today’s technology, an inexperienced thief really has no way of knowing whether or not they are looking at a state-of-the-art wireless surveillance device or a fake security camera. Some of them move back and forth, like a real camera. Their only drawback is that the batteries have to be changed more often.

Fake security cameras are particularly effective in areas where burglars expect to be filmed by real security cameras. Many cameras in subway stations around the world are fake and no one can tell the difference. A dummy camera has the same effect on people as a real one .

During tough times, when crime rates were rising and cities were strapped for cash, the ratio of fake cameras to real ones was around 2 to 1 in some parts of the United States.

Knowing that fake cameras are considered real, counterfeits have been scattered among the real ones to further entice thieves and would-be thieves to ply their trade in another location. Except for the lack of recorded footage provided by real cameras, dummy security cameras are nearly as effective at reducing crime rates in public places as real cameras.

Only high-flying thieves can tell the difference between a dummy camera and a real one.

How to install a dummy camera?

Installing a dummy camera is child’s play. In a few minutes with a drill and the appropriate fasteners, it is installed.

Dummy surveillance camera: advantages.

Very cheap.

Easy to install.

Deters most thieves.

Fake surveillance camera: disadvantages.

The disadvantage of the dummy camera is that it is only a deterrent. No recording or motion detection. But she’s not here for that. To choose between your house equipped with “dummy” cameras and another less protected, there is a good chance that burglars will pass their way.


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