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Why Use a Surveillance Camera?

Why use a surveillance camera

Why use a surveillance camera?

While acts of vandalism, thefts and burglaries are on the rise, resorting to a surveillance camera is a necessity. CCTV has many advantages. Here they are.


The surveillance camera for vigilance and security at all times

Using a surveillance camera in your main residence as in a professional space (offices, shops, business premises, construction sites, etc.) is the guarantee of benefiting from vigilance and protection at all times. A surveillance camera operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without interruption. Due to its economic aspect, it is possible to install several in the same place, but at strategic locations, all around a building if necessary. The security of goods, but also of people is then reinforced.

Some models are even equipped with motion detectors that automatically start recording or trigger an audible alarm to warn of an intrusion or theft. Depending on the type of surveillance camera, it is possible to directly notify the police as soon as an intrusion occurs. The video surveillance market offers a wide range of equipment ranging from cameras that record images to others that broadcast them live, or even both. In this case, the guards in charge of security can then intervene immediately as soon as an attempt at intrusion, degradation or theft occurs.

Also, within a company or a public place, the surveillance camera proves to be a valuable technical support for the safety of people by checking the comings and goings, the possible crowd movements. It is also very useful in companies in the event of an accident at work in order to analyze the causes, to demonstrate the responsibility of a person or to point the finger at a possible poor organization of the workspace.

Video surveillance for the home

The camera market has taken the turn of home automation and allows you to install a reliable and remotely controlled system using a mobile application. IP (Internet Protocol) cameras can be coupled with a loudspeaker system and light spots, or even a siren. This is the case of the S41 or F41 models from the Foscam brand.

Surveillance camera deters acts of vandalism and theft

The surveillance camera has another advantage of being particularly dissuasive. Indeed, we see that the mere presence of cameras installed at the entrance of a house, a building, a business or offices is enough to repel potential offenders and burglars. Especially since the legislation requires the installation of a sign informing that the building is under video surveillance, which reinforces the deterrent effect.

The surveillance camera to identify those responsible

In the event that malicious acts such as damage or theft have been committed, the surveillance camera makes it possible to identify the culprits. The vast majority of models allow you to save images, store them at will to consult them when necessary. The images filmed and recorded by the surveillance cameras can thus be transmitted to the police who use them to find those responsible.

Finally, the recording function is also ideal in the event of claims in order to constitute evidence to bring to a file of request for compensation to the insurance company for example.


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