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Night Vision Infrared Surveillance Cameras

night vision infrared surveillance cameras

night vision infrared surveillance cameras.

Having a security camera can deter attempted violations, such as burglaries or intrusions.

Do you know that conventional infrared cameras do not allow you to obtain color images in the middle of the night?


Blurry, the objects or people present blend into the background, making the scenarios more difficult to elucidate. An unbiased shot will therefore make things easier for you, indeed, a color image will provide you with crucial information on identifying details.



What are the advantages of this type of camera?

Having a security camera is a deterrent to attempted violations, such as burglaries or intrusions. Easy to install, it ensures optimal monitoring of your buildings and homes.


Low light is a camera’s worst enemy, however, our cameras’ high-sensitivity sensors and advanced lenses are able to deliver high-quality images to you.


The lenses provide you with less significant light reflections, as well as a perfect reproduction of the shots, thanks to a sharpness superior to conventional cameras and a saturation identical to reality. In fact, this technology is possible thanks to the extra low dispersion optical glass and the broadband anti-reflective coating that our security devices have.


The sensors that our cameras have are capable of impressive photovoltaic conversions, in order to restore the colors of an image taken in a very low light environment.


Even in total darkness, our security system assures you of color images. This technology is possible largely by equipping a warm complementary light in our camera. Even in total darkness, you can have color shots. The light allows the camera to capture images, the added soft warm light does not fade the actual colors.


Malicious people thinking of acting in the most total discretion by proceeding during the night will no longer cause you any inconvenience, thanks to unbeatable image quality. You can view the recordings at any time.

Why get a security camera?

Our cameras are able to offer you:

– Color images

No more black-and-white images! At any time of the day and night, you will enjoy high quality images thanks to the colors that they are able to detect. The sensors will greatly improve the use of light.

– A real visual experience

Equipped with an F1.0 diaphragm and advanced sensors, you will be able to view brighter images making the shots more realistic.


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