What are the ADVANTAGES OF HAVING A STRUCTURED CABLING SYSTEM? Small, medium or large companies have a specific network for connecting all computers or devices that are connected to the internet. For a better organization of all these connections, the practice of using Structured Cabling within companies emerged. This practice has several advantages for everyone who enjoys it and that is why we are going to list for you the 4 main advantages that the use of Structured Cabling can offer you, check them out below:

Ease of Management

Imagine all of your company’s cables centralized in one place. With this organization, the ease of managing your network will be much greater, but you must be wondering why. Simply because of the fact that any and all changes within your network can be done through this centralization with a smaller number of professionals. This makes it easier to fix problems that may arise while using your network.

Higher ROI

One of the biggest benefits of using Structured Cabling is the return on your company’s investment. The use of Structured Cabling unifies data, video and voice cabling. With the junction of all these cables within a single structure, your company can gain in cost reduction and possible updates within the network. Investing in Structured Cabling may sometimes not seem worthwhile when you don’t know its advantages, but you must understand that the return obtained in future costs will be greater.

greater flexibility

As already said, all cables that make up your company’s network will be connected in one place. With this, the flexibility of your network will be much greater. If you need to move your network centre to another location within your business, this practice will be much easier with the use of Structured Cabling, as you will only be changing your central location, not needing to change the cabling of your machines.

Your IT structure will be better prepared for expansion

With the use of Structured Cabling, your network will be willing to receive changes in an easier way, because a larger bandwidth is used. With that changes or additions of new machines within the network will no longer be a headache. You can also let go of the fear of your network system becoming obsolete. When implementing the practice of Structured Cabling, a slack is planned for future changes within your company’s network.

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