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WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES AND LIMITATIONS OF INTELLIGENT VIDEO SURVEILLANCE?The use of video surveillance really began in the 1960s when the first use of surveillance cameras took place in Trafalgar Square, London, to secure a trip by the Queen.

Its use has continued to grow in line with technological progress, to the point of creating a new sector in the 20th century: the electronic security sector.

The emergence of artificial intelligence

Among the notable developments in this sector, artificial intelligence made its appearance in the 21st century. This is a technology that will revolutionize the use of surveillance cameras.

In fact, previously video protection systems only made it possible to identify a problem a posteriori. Today with Artificial Intelligence, systems are able to sort, detect and alert live.

The limits of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, as it exists today, only makes it possible to automate computer and electronic processes: detections in video images, triggering of alarms or actions such as automatic closings, etc. She won’t go any further than what she has been taught and she won’t be able to use common sense.

This is why an intelligent video surveillance device requires the analysis of a human operator.


The benefits of artificial intelligence in a security system

Artificial intelligence aims to transmit the most reliable and operational information possible to avoid false positives. For this, it raises alerts in real-time, which allows humans to be more responsive and acquire data for their decision-making.

It also saves time through image analysis. Thus the human can concentrate on value-added tasks while his intelligent video surveillance system sorts and analyzes.

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