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How does a wireless surveillance camera work?

How does a wireless surveillance camera work

How does a wireless surveillance camera work?

To optimize the security of your home, your property, and your business premises, the wireless video surveillance system or IP camera, equipment allowing remote viewing is ideal. It has many advantages and works in a very simple way.

The wireless surveillance camera is a system with many advantages

Security cameras operating wirelessly do not require the intervention of a professional for their installation, which is not the case with wired camera systems which require the hand of a technician. A wireless camera does not require any specific work and fits into the decor in a discreet and aesthetic way. This Wifi camera system can therefore be installed anywhere and be moved very easily.

The camera must be connected to the electrical system, however, there are stand-alone cameras capable of operating without external power, which allows this equipment to continue filming even in the event of a power failure. The use of an IP camera makes it possible to watch live or deferred images, to store them on a server or in the cloud. This HD camera offers a higher definition of the video image than the SD (Standard Definition) camera. Currently the image quality limit is 12 Megapixels.

How does a wireless CCTV system work?

Wi-Fi cameras

Unlike a conventional (wired) camera connected to a receiver via a cable, a wireless surveillance camera connected to a router or a box retransmits the images it films by means of an internet connection via Wifi. The images can then be viewed remotely using an interface such as a television, computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Wireless cameras working without Wifi

Not all wireless CCTV cameras necessarily use Wifi. We distinguish for example:

  • Digital cameras are associated with a connected digital recorder or receiver. They are mainly indicated for on-site surveillance (trade, front door, etc.).
  • Analog cameras have been around for several years. They work via coaxial cables. Lower-resolution images are transmitted directly through this cable. The camera can be connected to a television or a digital storage device…

How to use a wireless remote viewing system?

Every IP camera comes with an integrated web application to connect the camera to an internet connection. The installation and use of this type of camera take place in four steps:

  • Connection by cable from the surveillance camera to a router (internet box)
  • The assignment of the IP address of the camera (it can be found using a password, available on the equipment sold)
  • The positioning of the camera
  • The synchronization of the internet box with the camera allows an image stream accessible online, via a web page (access protected by password).

The IP camera monitors, wherever you are on any computer with Internet access or on a Smartphone or tablet. It is the future of video surveillance due to its ease of transporting images and sound at a lower cost via available internet networks.



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