Why is structured cabling so important in your company?

structured cabling company

Why is structured cabling so important in your company? In today’s highly competitive business world, companies must improve their internal and external communications to maintain growth in the marketplace. Structured cabling is really important to create a local area network.

Structured cabling is known as the system of cables, connectors, conduits and devices that allow a telecommunications infrastructure to be established in a building. The installation and features of the system must meet certain standards to be part of the structured cabling status.

If you are thinking of contracting the installation of structured cabling for a building, you should know that it is very intelligent. Plus, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble if it’s done by a professional.

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  • Easy maintenance: The structured cabling system is an integrated and uniform system that is very easy to maintain both by companies and by specialized technicians in charge of maintenance.
  • Signal integration: As we have stated before, the integration of different applications in a single system allows the use of a single distribution medium for all the cables that enable the signals. This allows each information output to be integrated into a single project, simplifying the entire framework of the company.
  • Identical connectivity: Integration into a single system does not affect the ability of devices and components to transmit information. Therefore, it has the same efficiency and connectivity but in a much simpler way.
  • Future expansions: One of the most interesting advantages of structured cabling is that it allows all kinds of expansions to be made to its structure without affecting its operation or information security. This also facilitates transfers in case the company carries them out.
  • It is an economical system: The biggest and main cost of the structured cabling system is the initial cost.  Once the installation and start-up have been carried out, the company does not need to use additional economic amounts, which is a differential fact from other existing systems today.
  • Simple administration of the system: At the internal level of the organization of the company, the system is tremendously simple to administer by the employees. If a team member is transferred from his current position to another he will not need to reconfigure his network station, as he will only have to redirect his connection.
  • Data transmission speed: Today there is no faster data transmission system than the structured cabling system. Thanks to the speed of data transmission that takes place with fibre optics, greater efficiency is achieved that allowing for increased productivity. It is therefore the most recommended system for all types of companies that need to increase speed.


This regulation seeks to guarantee that the installations, equipment and products used in the generation, transmission, transformation, distribution and final use of electrical energy, meet the following legitimate objectives:

  • The protection of human life and health.
  • The protection of animal and plant life.
  • The preservation of the environment.
  • The prevention of practices that may mislead the user.


Without a doubt,  structured cabling is still the winning option.  Thousands of companies already enjoy the benefits of this modality and enjoy a much more secure and efficient network.

If You are living in Southern California Contact STARLIGHT to discuss your needs, We would be happy to propose a solution



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