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Choosing The Right Home Monitoring System

Choosing the right home monitoring system

Choosing the right home monitoring system: The surveillance camera is a complementary accessory to home automation to ensure the security and protection of the house. This practical and quick-to-install solution can be even more effective if it is integrated into a home automation system with centralized control. Discover all the advantages of a set of intelligent surveillance cameras for your protection.

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A cost-effective security solution with home automation

To keep an eye on your home and your belongings, the surveillance camera is an essential home automation device. This new technology allows you to monitor your property remotely and in real-time. Indeed, the surveillance camera is not only an excellent deterrent but also a quick and practical way to react in the event of a burglary.

In a home automation security system, all the images captured by surveillance cameras scattered around the property are centralized in a video recording system. In addition, the various cameras can be controlled remotely and programmed from a mobile application. It is, therefore, possible to define recording schedules for each camera, zoom in on an image, or monitor live activities outside and inside your home or store.

Home automation applied to residential security can therefore integrate multiple components such as motion sensors, thermal sensors, wireless alarms or connected roller shutters. The home automation solution makes it possible to react quickly to a threat of burglary or intrusion.

Slight vibrations picked up is enough to automatically trigger a procedure programmed in advance by the user. The home automation monitoring system can therefore simulate human presence by switching on lights or by controlling the opening or closing of electric shutters randomly. As soon as the anomaly is detected by the control panel, the application alerts the persons concerned (the owners, the police or the security company.

Choosing the right home monitoring system

Home security is a booming industry. The offers of surveillance cameras are multiplying on the market at such a speed that it is difficult to make a choice.

Statistics indicate that there is a burglary every 90 seconds in France and it affects all social classes and not just luxury villas. If cheap dummy cameras do not appeal to you, you will have to invest in more complex models so that you are no longer afraid even during long absences.

Video surveillance can be made up of several connected, fixed or motorized cameras, which will allow constant monitoring from a tablet, a mobile phone or a laptop PC. So always choose a model that can be paired with access control devices such as the ram or the videophone in order to maximize its effectiveness.

If you want to keep and save images regularly, opt for a high-quality surveillance camera with a manually adjustable focal length to obtain sharp images. Data storage can be done on a physical medium or in the cloud depending on the functionalities of the camera and its application.

If You are living in Southern California Contact STARLIGHT to discuss your needs, We would be happy to propose a solution


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