Why use Structured Cabling in your company

Why use Structured Cabling

Why use Structured Cabling in your company? The essential of this article:

> Structured cabling is a standardized way of organizing cables and connectors that transmit the internet, voice, telephony, audio and video signal in your company.

> Structured cabling brings a series of benefits in terms of efficiency and cost reduction.

> Key benefits include more flexibility to adapt to changes in the company’s layout, including new technologies and equipment, better network performance and lower maintenance costs, in addition to reducing the likelihood of network failures and slowdowns.


Could you imagine a company, nowadays, that simply decided to abolish all organizational processes and criteria? Everything would be done as needed, each hour in a different way.

How efficient would such a company be? How long would it take to find important documents, products or information at this company? And more: would this company last a long time managing its resources in this way?

After this imagination exercise, you may be asking yourself: “but what does this chaotic company have to do with structured cabling?” And the answer is much more than you might think.

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What is structured cabling?

Simply put, structured cabling is a standardized way of organizing connectors and transmission media for internet, wi-fi, voice, telephony, audio, video and any signal that involves data.

This standardization follows specific international technical standards and, as the processes and organization in a company, it is essential as it offers a series of benefits in terms of efficiency and cost savings. It is about these benefits that we will talk about next. follow up.

Why use structured cabling?

In companies, processes organize how tasks are done and services provided, always focusing on efficiency and better meeting objectives.

In a similar way, structured cabling is about applying specific processes to your network and data infrastructure rather than leaving everything in a disorganized way.

Here are the main benefits of adopting structured cabling:

Flexibility and cost reduction with new installations

The structured cabling system is designed to be flexible and adapt to changes in your company’s layout and also to allow the inclusion of new devices and technologies in the system.

Thus, if it is necessary to reorganize the positioning of equipment or employees, install new machines or even update the technology used, you will have lower costs and it will be easier to make these changes with structured cabling.

Agility and better performance in data transmission

Just as it is easier and faster to find objects in an organized environment, when using the structured cabling system, your network becomes more agile and less susceptible to slowdowns.

In this sense, your company will have much fewer network unavailable problems, slow access to the internet or files on the server or in the print queue, for example. And more performance on your network means less wasted time.

Easier and lower-cost maintenance

Maintaining a structured cabling system is simpler. Due to standardization, it is easier to find errors and fix problems. In addition, bad points can be isolated and repaired more easily. With this, the cost of maintenance also decreases, since fewer hours will be spent.

Dramatically reduced network problems

Studies indicate that about 70% of the problems that occur in a computer network are caused by the lack of a well structured cabling system.

Network problems can include not being able to print important documents on network-connected printers, making systems and files inaccessible, and slowing down access.

Thus, investing in a well-structured cabling system is also a way to avoid losses due to network failures.


Having a well-structured cabling system is essential for any company today.

In addition to offering better performance for the network, which directly impacts the work performed, cabling also brings flexibility to adapt to new technologies and changes in the organization’s layout, such as expansions. If you liked the post and need help implementing a structured cabling system in your company with first-rate materials, compliance with the main standards and professionals certified by the main manufacturers, contact us. We always have the best solution for you.

If You are living in Southern California Contact STARLIGHT to discuss your needs, We would be happy to propose a solution



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