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The benefits of CCTV kits

benefits of CCTV kits

The benefits of CCTV kits

What is a CCTV Kit?

It is a complete kit containing both full hd wifi ip video surveillance cameras and a video recorder with or without integrated hard disk.

What is a video recorder?

The video recorder allows continuous recording of videos “captured” by compatible cameras, it is connected to them via wifi (or cable) depending on the model. These recordings are kept on hard disk and can be extracted to process them or keep them on a storage space. Its self-overwriting function allows real autonomy without any storage constraints.

The advantages of autonomous video surveillance

In addition to monitoring your home, the advantage of these video surveillance packs is to have continuous or scheduled recording on hard disk via the video recorder, this allows to keep the captured images and also to carry out replays of them. ci, which is not possible with surveillance cameras without recording.
In addition, thanks to the free mobile application available on smartphones and tablets, you can remotely view your cameras, be notified in the event of motion detection, and access the recorder in order to perform a replay or schedule a recording.

CCTV cameras recommended for packs

To effectively protect your home, we recommend hd cameras with infrared night vision to monitor day and night with high definition image quality. The motion detection function is also important to be able to program a recording on trigger and to receive a notification by telephone.

The wifi video surveillance pack at Sécurité Mania

Our video surveillance kits are easy to install, the association of the video store with the indoor ip wifi cameras and outdoor ip wifi cameras is simply done via the wifi network.
All have a compatible mobile app for remote viewing of cameras.
The cameras and the video storers are different according to the packs (resolution, tablet storer, number of inputs, etc.).


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