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Turnkey video surveillance kit advantage

Turnkey video surveillance kit advantage

Turnkey video surveillance kit advantage

In this article, we will detail the advantages of a turnkey video protection kit. Why equip yourself? What are the features? Who is it for?
Having a video protection system will be useful for securing the surroundings and the interior of your home, but also for reviewing more or less serious events that have taken place there. CCTV also serves as a deterrent or evidence.

A turnkey video surveillance kit, what is it for?

The primary objective of a turnkey video surveillance kit is to be complete. It offers indoor and/or outdoor cameras but above all a video recorder equipped with a hard disk suitable for video surveillance. This, it offers the essentials of effective video surveillance.

The features of a complete video surveillance kit:

Recording of its wired or WIFI video surveillance cameras:

Many people are content to install cameras with live view but no recording. However, thanks to a compatible video recorder, you can keep the images filmed by your wired or WIFI cameras, simultaneously and in a personalized way. Indeed, 3 recording modes are available:

  • Recording according to a schedule
  • Motion detection recording
  • Continuous recording

These 3 modes can be different for each camera associated with the recorder.

Sending mail on motion detection:

The SMTP function allows the recorder to send one or more photos by e-mail upon motion detection. Date, time and camera name information can be mentioned there.

The advantages of a turnkey video surveillance kit:

Compatibility of cameras with the video recorder:

When you buy your cameras and your video recorder separately, you may encounter compatibility problems, or even lose certain features. These potential difficulties do not exist when you opt for a video surveillance kit.

The cost :

This is not a generality, but often the fact of buying several products simultaneously in a pack/kit allows the seller to apply a discount, which is never negligible.

Who are the CCTV kits intended for:

This type of product is also well suited to an individual for the protection of his home but also a professional who would like to secure video protection for his business, his warehouse, his offices,

Examples of businesses for which this kit can be adapted:

  • A doctor’s office
  • Desks
  • A mechanic
  • A bakery
  • A shop intended for the sale of ready-to-wear, jewelry, shoes, etc.
  • A glacier
  • A beauty salon offering hairdressing, care, nail services, etc.


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