Security Camera

Security Camera Kits Advantages

Security Camera Kits Advantage

Security Camera Kits Advantages

A security camera kit can be the ideal video surveillance solution for your home or business, but, Which one suits you best?  We show you some aspects to assess before your choice.

surveillance cameras WiFi show some relevant elements such as their technical characteristics or the number of cameras that the Kit has. Currently, there are many manufacturers and models of WiFi IP cameras that offer to have a real-time connection to your smartphone or computer without the need to be on the same local network as the camera. This type of solution allows you to view the images live, but they do not have the ability to make a recording that you can use in the event of a mishap, such as a robbery at home when you are on vacation.

On the other hand, his price is also an important element to take into account, since sometimes, a very low price of some kits is due to the fact that they are made up of a smaller number of security cameras, greater complexity in their installation, lower recording quality or simply that be second hand.

Advantages of Wi-Fi surveillance cameras

Wifi video surveillance camera kits offer a series of advantages, we will give you some advances:

100% compatibility between all its elements.

Security camera kits are very cheaply priced.

Wireless kit, which will allow great ease of installation, without wiring.

The simplicity of use for first-time users in video surveillance.

Recording capacity up to 2 months.

Next, we detail more relevant aspects:

Wifi surveillance cameras offer flexibility in location

As they do not need a cable, they can be easily installed wherever you want and if it is necessary to change their location, it can be done quickly and easily. Simply move the camera to another space with wifi coverage.

Immediate access to images

Depending on their compatibility with IOS and Android, Wifi surveillance cameras allow you to review the images from your mobile device. They are very versatile, being able to configure alarms to notify you in real time of movements on your property.

Disadvantages of Wi-Fi surveillance cameras

Despite all its listed virtues, we wonder what drawbacks these Wi-Fi surveillance cameras may have:

Wifi surveillance cameras are vulnerable to sabotage

Wireless surveillance cameras can be sabotaged very easily, a frequency jammer would suffice to disable the signal, just as it happens with non-wired intrusion systems.

Security and privacy risks

Wireless cameras can be hacked more easily than wired cameras. If you don’t take the security measures necessary, they can even be used by intruders to obtain information on the dwellings and habits of the tenants before they hit.

Interference and connectivity problems of wifi surveillance cameras

Wireless cameras can have interference and coverage problems, interrupting the video signal or preventing it from reaching it with clarity and sharpness.

They do not allow great customization

As a general rule, Wi-Fi surveillance cameras do not allow the customization of lenses with different ranges and depths.

Feeding problems

Wireless cameras are so-called because they can transmit the signal without the need for a cable, but they do need a power cable. In the case of working with rechargeable batteries, its autonomy is very limited.

In short, these types of kits are ideal for installation in private homes and/or small and medium businesses, an economical and practical solution. From Starlight we offer a wireless security camera kit for your home or business at a very competitive price with which you can record the images and also view them live from your mobile phone.



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