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What are the advantages of video surveillance with IP cameras

advantages of video surveillance with IP cameras

What are the advantages of video surveillance with IP cameras compared to traditional closed-circuit television systems (CCTV)?

  • Remote access: you can carry out video and sound surveillance remotely from any computer, mobile phone, or tablet with Internet access, while the CCTV system requires your presence in the monitored area. The recording equipment can be anywhere in the world, so the video files of the recording can be safely stored in a different location from the one being monitored.
  • Access by mobile or tablet: from a mobile or tablet with the Internet, we can see the images live and with some models and software even the sound, this system being able to be used as a baby monitor (monitoring of babies by means of a camera), both locally (for example using your own WiFi) or remotely via the Internet
  • Reduced cost – Setup uses the network your home or business already has, either wired or wireless (WiFi); it does not require a separate recording system because you can use an existing PC.
  • Flexibility: you can expand the number of IP cameras to suit you since each one is autonomous.
  • Ease of installation: having WiFi, it is not necessary to install wiring and you will only need a plug. Setting up new cameras is very easy. You can also use them connected by cable.
  • Sending images by email: the IP camera can be configured to automatically and autonomously send you emails with the images captured after motion detection. These emails can be viewed both from any computer and with a mobile or tablet over the Internet.
  • Alarms with remote data sending: even if there is an intrusion and the camera can be accessed and destroyed, the remote recording, sending emails, or FTP has already been done and sent to another place.
  • Use of IP recorders that do not require new network infrastructure. IP camera recorders are part of your network and connect to your router via a standard cable.


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